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Your business is important to me. The success of your business will also my success.

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  • savenup

    Very nice, fast, convenient, and understanding seller even if I had many requests. Highly recommanded!

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • chaseyourcareer

    completed the gig on the spot as i ordered it

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • qasimali125

    great service

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • kaveeshr

    Always enjoy working with Macvideos - great job again!

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • geekbrainstudio

    Rumi is creative, and responsive; I was very pleased with the end product. I was also blown away by how quickly he responded to my questions and revisions. I almost forgot there is a time difference; I don't think he sleeps!

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • shoshana1947

    I got more than expected! Just what I was looking for!! I will be sending a lot more work his way. Great communication. Fast delivery and professional results. I could not be happier and I am hard to please. Got it right the first time.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • hmabolr

    Yes. Great experience. I will continue to work with him.

    Posted on: 20-Oct-2020
  • warsuf21

    Another great gig completed. Will be back for more. Easy to work with. Quick to make changes.

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • mohammadkawash

    Very easy to communicate and apply system. System is as described will be implementing with trades soon

    Posted on: 16-Oct-2020
  • tomtom695

    Rachel provided valuable feedback that will help me improve my writing going forward. She included a detailed breakdown along with comments on my manuscript. I would recommend her services to other writers!

    Posted on: 16-Oct-2020
  • sonic_web


    Posted on: 08-Oct-2020
  • rivalarts

    definitely worth the money. And very easy to work with and more than satisfied with the designs.

    Posted on: 07-Oct-2020
  • sauhard121

    Murad is Awesome, he completed the job professionally with short time, highly recommended, am going to deal with him in the future.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • evelynrball

    Outstanding Service

    Posted on: 29-Sep-2020
  • teejayz

    Very nice delivery

    Posted on: 24-Sep-2020
  • thebrass

    always so helpful

    Posted on: 23-Sep-2020
  • jackychen824

    Thank you for the detail reading and all the information. It was a nice experience and thank you for answering my questions and your support. I appreciate your kindness.

    Posted on: 23-Sep-2020
  • ckvoiceover

    Thanks a lot. Amazing service. Easy communication.

    Posted on: 21-Sep-2020
  • johangarcia23

    He is Good Guy,excellent customers service he is understand what i expect, i get back 100% what i want.I do appreciate to him.Thank you,

    Posted on: 19-Sep-2020
  • parthasarothi

    Once again, flawless emotes!! I've looked through hundreds of profiles when looking for the right person, and THANK GOD I came across psycho_mochiie! Highly recommend!

    Posted on: 18-Sep-2020
  • carla_frost

    nothing to add

    Posted on: 13-Sep-2020
  • oscarmars

    Thank you Ellen.

    Posted on: 09-Sep-2020
  • amycartwright

    Excellent job, I would love work him again.. :)

    Posted on: 05-Sep-2020
  • pangrha

    Best Instagram Bot creator, It does all you want and fast. Nice to work with him! I will work with him again!!!

    Posted on: 02-Sep-2020
  • seo_consultent

    Thank you

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • lerroyart

    Well written article!

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • yourinsta

    Simply the best. Excellent work!

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • monicadavis

    Very communicative throughout the process, even when asking for a 1 day extension, rather than just assume it was okay, they asked me through Taskhelper. Can't complain, everything was done just as it was laid out to me from the get go!

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • arkasarker

    great gig...

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • atefjr63

    She delivered the ebook pretty quickly even with a number of revisions. She was open and acceptable for correcting revisions. I am happy with that and will use the service again !

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • sohailyaqoob

    Kawn is very polite and helpful. She reassured me when I said I hadn't written a business plan before and made any changes I asked for. Thank you Kawn!

    Posted on: 19-Aug-2020
  • janedwriters

    Good voice and great seller

    Posted on: 18-Aug-2020
  • talha_jamil

    Good content. stay blessed.

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • chris_dickerson

    great to work

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • abigail_luna

    He was very quick to reply with all my messages and was kind throughout it all also he finished everything I wanted in a short amount of time.

    Posted on: 08-Aug-2020
  • awaisshafique56

    Fantastic job! Made wonderful re-writes where needed and cleaned up what needed to be cleaned. Thanks so much!

    Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
  • vizokhelo

    Very fast! good service and very happy with the outcome! thank you boss :)

    Posted on: 05-Aug-2020
  • diegoisui

    Pleasure to work with this seller. I have done a few orders with this seller and its always easy to communicate. The level of quality this time wasn't the best but i know this seller from other projects and i will definitely give this seller more projects.

    Posted on: 04-Aug-2020
  • harendrasv

    Lots of fun and learned a lot in one session!! Am signing up for more!

    Posted on: 03-Aug-2020
  • aidenfaeezvlog

    I'm a returning customer. BIC videos for the reasonable price. Very fast delivery and revision if needed.

    Posted on: 02-Aug-2020
  • esmelo

    No other word than PERFECT!! This seller is patient, incredible communication, and FAST. Wonderful experience. I think I just found my permanent web-master. :)

    Posted on: 01-Aug-2020
  • nelsonoburah

    This is amazing. It looks exactly like the photo I requested. She is extremely talented and I would heavily recommend

    Posted on: 31-Jul-2020
  • iqraishtiaq

    Thankful for the experience

    Posted on: 31-Jul-2020
  • seldrickd


    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • momena_aamir

    Great seller on Taskhelper, recommended. Brad is a true professional video producer, great communication and quick response through the production. He know exactly what we want while we just pass the product to him, and he quickly come out with his professional suggestion and come out the video which higher than our expectation, Sure will order again.

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • lenovoarc

    Good services

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • alessandroziino

    hawkdivemedia did an excellent job. He went above and beyond to make sure that my site was secure. This is one of the best experiences that i've had on Taskhelper.

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • ecom360

    Great, thanks.

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • graphicbarmon

    Timely delivery, above expectations!

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • arushjasuja

    He was very dedicated to helping me achieve my results. Not overly focused on time or money but customer satisfaction. He displayed a

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • deb5080

    perfect as per usual!! Love your work!!

    Posted on: 23-Jul-2020
  • archizg

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • eknew2

    doctor_foo delivered in time and, not only 100% quality, but also surpassing my expectations in delivery and involvement in the project. Thank you so much for your effort and time. I'll send you over the final clip as soon as it's all mixed!

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • patriciaoprea

    Great work as always

    Posted on: 09-Jul-2020
  • denny_creative

    Always order this guy!

    Posted on: 07-Jul-2020
  • chrisstreet273

    Very knowledgeable and experienced person who is easy to communicate with.

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • kunwarsurya007

    Great....Delivered as promissed!

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • aslakib

    Mehdi is very professional, everything is perfect.

    Posted on: 05-Jul-2020
  • najeebgujjar45

    Great work as always! Thank you!

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • allison_grace

    Job well done will use him again

    Posted on: 03-Jul-2020
  • diceysara

    Good job ! I like the final result ! Will surely come back to try another gig from this seller !

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • sohasherwani

    I was looking for someone to assist me with my marketing needs long term and I think I just found them. Nice job!!

    Posted on: 30-Jun-2020
  • tehtaoffical

    Really a wonderful experience.

    Posted on: 28-Jun-2020
  • kyleenstar

    Awesome work

    Posted on: 26-Jun-2020
  • fabian_autodesk

    Thank you!

    Posted on: 25-Jun-2020
  • leeshadle

    Fast delivery and fast response!!!

    Posted on: 24-Jun-2020
  • rvdesigner

    A wonderful experience! Seller is fast and thorough and delivers highest-quality work! Thanks again!

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • relodeit

    Rápida entrega, muy satisfecho.

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • chibilovetv

    This is the second time I order from him; He was absolutely amazing! I appreciated how receptive he was to my feedback, his patience throughout the process and his great communication!

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • ineykuratick

    very good information, even offered extra help advice! waiting for my store to go online so I can test some results, thank you

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • unique_group

    Easy to work, great artist!

    Posted on: 20-Jun-2020
  • shakeer101

    He did a good job. he was patient as i got the revisions and adjustments i needed to make it work.

    Posted on: 20-Jun-2020
  • pretriumph_pro

    Thank you for all your hard work and patience. Hellen took her time and changed the logo according to what I wanted. She changed multiple times without complaining and she was very nice! Recommend.

    Posted on: 19-Jun-2020
  • fannycepeda

    Very good work, that's I come back to her for more .Thank you

    Posted on: 14-Jun-2020
  • pixalstudioteam

    Love love love...Highly recommended seller!

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • wycliffthewhizz

    Great work

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • filippo99torino

    Great working with this guy, highly approved. worth every penny. Thanks

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • kubikill

    Jared was amazing to work with. He built my LinkedIn profile in a timely manner and it looks phenomenal!

    Posted on: 11-Jun-2020
  • rengga__

    Sehr gute Kommunikation und ein klasse Design!

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • academicgeeky

    Its always a pleasure

    Posted on: 05-Jun-2020
  • mddanish616

    Super fast, efficient, and accurate. Would recommend

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • trochucs

    Excellent! Exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • jessicamaddison

    Responded quickly. Took feedback well. Efficient delivery. Highly recommend!

    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • naveedah

    Delivered as promised and very quickly. Fantastic communication and support throughout the process. I simply could never have done this on my own. Thank you very much!

    Posted on: 28-May-2020
  • esoftwaresoluk

    Great work

    Posted on: 28-May-2020
  • pedrosantos96

    excellent gig! exactly what I wanted! GREAT JOB!

    Posted on: 23-May-2020
  • angelasarno

    Great work!

    Posted on: 22-May-2020
  • boundless

    Thank you

    Posted on: 22-May-2020
  • tayyabmirza_

    Simply the best!

    Posted on: 20-May-2020
  • literateumar700

    good comunication with the costumer!!

    Posted on: 19-May-2020
  • riphah

    The seller has done two gigs for us. Both were done very professionally. The second order was delayed but very professionally explained the reason why it was delayed. Would surely recommend.

    Posted on: 19-May-2020
  • excel_expert_

    Superlawal did a great job! I’m super excited to test out my new store. Process only took 3 days and I am very satisfied with the results.

    Posted on: 17-May-2020
  • etbk4245

    Great communication, excellent design. very professional

    Posted on: 11-May-2020
  • vizconn


    Posted on: 10-May-2020
  • marusik

    She is a great communicator, which made the process a lot smoother than I thought it would be. Answered every question I had and was a pleasure to work with!

    Posted on: 10-May-2020
  • karshin

    This is my second order ! He’s does amazing work and he’s super fast . Great communication. Easy to work with! I’ll keep coming back to work with him. Again thanks for your work!

    Posted on: 09-May-2020
  • imrank0916

    Got my delivery before due date and

    Posted on: 09-May-2020
  • scarlett_scarle

    This guy is absolutely awesome, amazing work and very kind too! he helped me with everything, i will use him again for sure!

    Posted on: 04-May-2020
  • arjunpayyanakal

    Thank you so much. I will be back she was really fast .

    Posted on: 04-May-2020
  • dlladev

    Quicker than I had imagined! Lovely to chat with. Very helpful.

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • anyasha

    Great work! Thank you!

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • valzizi10

    Great work! Looking foreward to continuing business with Ultimate Eagle.

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • sovitmundhra

    Amazing experience, great artist. Would use again and recommend to others :)

    Posted on: 29-Apr-2020
  • marquise91

    I was looking for someone to draw me my character for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and she managed to create exactly what I wanted adding my pet into it too. Thank you so much, I will definitely be in contact again if I need another drawing doing.

    Posted on: 27-Apr-2020
  • adawood002

    Thank you so much!

    Posted on: 27-Apr-2020
  • muath6

    This was a good experience

    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • kyo2know

    Great and fast

    Posted on: 25-Apr-2020
  • bsmarter10

    Excellent to work with and provides great icons

    Posted on: 25-Apr-2020
  • junaid_malik10

    Always deliver my number one guy on this website

    Posted on: 24-Apr-2020
  • dmitriimedvedef

    Never have we had better results or clearer communication. Absolutely fantastic.

    Posted on: 23-Apr-2020
  • niftyswift

    Love this! Will hire again!

    Posted on: 23-Apr-2020
  • nsjmedia

    Fantastic Service! Very Satisfied

    Posted on: 21-Apr-2020
  • mohibsamad

    Honest and Punctual

    Posted on: 20-Apr-2020
  • webpet

    well done, Thanks

    Posted on: 19-Apr-2020
  • primada

    It was great working with Erica! She was super attentive and did her homework on what we wanted. She is well worth the money! Would definitely use her again.

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • movski06

    Fantastic final product. Great imagination an video editor. Thank you for this amazing video production

    Posted on: 15-Apr-2020
  • noahfream

    great looking postcard

    Posted on: 10-Apr-2020
  • earnprofit

    Excellent communication and renderings delivered on time. Revisions handled very quickly. Would work with again and recommend highly.

    Posted on: 10-Apr-2020
  • muhammadasif366

    Awesome job. Thank you

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • inspiredtony

    Very good

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • ruhtrax

    work well with me even tho I kept changing things ..this person is great

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • mehwisharif

    Web_develope_r solved a tricky Wordpress problem. We are very happy with the work.

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • dayanad

    Good Job. Thanks

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • aljonski22

    Amazing Job! Quick Delivery! High quality of work! Thank you so much!

    Posted on: 04-Apr-2020
  • trigram36

    Janith was prompt in assisting me design a flyer.

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • zachfan

    Very efficient.

    Posted on: 02-Apr-2020
  • web_dev10

    good work as usual.

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • alexafombrun

    Easy to work with.

    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
  • marzan_wp

    Very fast and trusted seller, I will recommend

    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
  • ibevilacqua

    Great work here...

    Posted on: 28-Mar-2020
  • alansmith13


    Posted on: 28-Mar-2020
  • ob_churchroad

    If you want a well researched, polished article written in a conversational tone, and delivered to your inbox on time, Attique's the one to choose. He wrote a great article for me using impeccable grammar and punctuation. As a professional writer myself, I can genuinely say that Attique is an exceptional article writer making readers feel as if they're speaking with a trusted friend. The text flows naturally, providing the reader with the information they need and excludes unnecessary details. Attique submitted the job well before the deadline. Now all I have to do is add images and hyperlinks. Attique is a good article writer. I'll be contacting him again very soon.

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • fullstackboy

    Great job!

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • alishahzad

    Had a few bumps along the way, but seller worked hard to resolve. I'm pleased with the overall product and will definitely use again.

    Posted on: 23-Mar-2020
  • genisoft0528

    Did a great job with a detail that was given high recommend.

    Posted on: 22-Mar-2020
  • emaudio

    Great work as requested!

    Posted on: 22-Mar-2020
  • mfuller1

    Great Developer

    Posted on: 21-Mar-2020
  • beyondskydesign

    Thank you, you always get it done for me!

    Posted on: 20-Mar-2020
  • fahad_orcl

    I have worked with this seller many, many times and I am never disappointed! Always excellent service!

    Posted on: 19-Mar-2020
  • waleed_creation

    Excellent work!!!

    Posted on: 16-Mar-2020
  • maria4sales

    Always excellent work!

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2020
  • garyasteteapari

    Awesome! Thank you!

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • milkywhale

    This is the third time that I've had Alex research keywords and categories for my books. I'm very pleased with his service. He finds "long-tailed" keywords and categories to improve my visibility in the market. He pays attention to details. He delivers on time. And he's willing to answer questions promptly.

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • mariia_l

    Gave me a carefully vetted detailed list of leads

    Posted on: 11-Mar-2020
  • anumsalmann

    Thanks, perfect

    Posted on: 05-Mar-2020
  • fitzbabsky

    Great service. Thank you very much

    Posted on: 04-Mar-2020
  • rocketpro

    Excellent job.

    Posted on: 04-Mar-2020
  • rxdesignstudio

    Great quality.

    Posted on: 29-Feb-2020
  • exceptional90

    Sajid was great to work with. Very communicative. Very efficient and very fast delivery. We enjoyed working with him and will be collaborating with him again for future projects. He was able to quickly produce the desired task.

    Posted on: 28-Feb-2020
  • dbastoc

    The seller was very swift at responding to questions and/or concerns.

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • rafoprodesign

    Working with this seller was easy. She was very professional and quickly responded to all my inquires. She delivered as promised. I recommend using her services.

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • drhamzakhan

    Fantastic seller, Really happy to help and make the perfect website!

    Posted on: 25-Feb-2020
  • klahklah

    Great Job!

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • finance_advisor

    Great work

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
  • louthomasedison

    Very professional and quick turnaround !

    Posted on: 18-Feb-2020
  • pasign

    Just like the previous experience, the seller was easy to communicate with, understood well, and delivered quickly. Pleasure to work with

    Posted on: 17-Feb-2020
  • design_swipe

    Very patient!

    Posted on: 15-Feb-2020
  • jackline96

    Willing to make last-minute changes. Frequent communication. A fast, professional job. We are very pleased and we highly recommend him! We will use his services again.

    Posted on: 12-Feb-2020
  • khushbu007

    Maryam produced an outstanding video animation for my me. She is very skilled, talented and creative. She was particularly good at helping me tell the story of the song with both words and pictures that dovetailed together beautifully. Highly recommended.

    Posted on: 07-Feb-2020
  • jinmizutsuki

    Very grateful for your help. Thank you.

    Posted on: 07-Feb-2020
  • artemenkoartem

    Thanks a lot

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2020
  • choudhrayarham

    Mr_Vidu is great!

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • jackihunter

    Excellent, I am super impressed with this knowledge and skills and is super helpful from start to finish.

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2020
  • madireise

    excellent communication. great quality minis, would totally recommend.

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • yacinehe554

    Absolutely great work. If you’re reading these reviews and curious if you should do it, I’m telling you to. You will be so happy with his work. Can’t imagine using anyone else for a logo ever again.

    Posted on: 26-Jan-2020
  • anant_16

    Thanks For the Quick Service.. you did a very good job totally recommended

    Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
  • teeramusic

    Good job on the task, answered all the questions and is willing to work if needed in the future, thanks

    Posted on: 23-Jan-2020
  • shinobusan

    He did a very good job in a very short time, 100% happy!

    Posted on: 23-Jan-2020
  • gig_freak

    Great Experience with the seller, i will definitely come and work with the seller again. Highly recommend this seller

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • chasemoening1

    Very responsive and the work looks really good. Thanks so much :)

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • adeelaltaf377

    Very patient in working with someone with little experience in the area of Wordpress. The product - website was way more detailed than I had envisioned

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • shoukat112

    Vlad did a great job and provided some good feedback on my grammar. I'm very happy with the results and definitely will return for my next book. Thanks heaps!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • augustozeni

    Great work as always :)

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • maceyhill

    Jessica did a great job with our project and she was very responsive to our emailed requests. I would recommend and use her again. Thanks!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • eminent_apurbo

    Very good experience

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • nickvannoy

    The seller delivered as what was asked. I appreciated his work.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • krupalisutariya

    Job well done!! Highly recommend!!!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • super_webstar

    Thanks for support

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • ibeemaster

    Nice work

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • live_khan

    I´m very satisfied! Good work, good communication and fast delivery!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • sureshuv5

    very talented artist and made changes when need and asked also. art turned out way better than I imagined and artist was also very friendly so would highly recommend :)

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • fernandes412

    Good work. Very please. I would recommend Masun.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • thcbindia

    Something I liked about her is that I felt she really pay attention to my requirements. It's so valuable to me.

    Posted on: 18-Jan-2020
  • fernandobans

    Awesome as always! 10/10 would recommend!

    Posted on: 15-Jan-2020
  • thesleepless1

    It was very easy to work with him.

    Posted on: 12-Jan-2020
  • bapzozo

    His design fit our requirement very well. And all revision request was completed like what we request and expected. He also response to message quickly, will use again

    Posted on: 11-Jan-2020
  • spraneeth

    Great seller, did exactly what I needed. Highly recommended, Thank you wp-cms for a great job. and thank you for being patient..

    Posted on: 09-Jan-2020
  • wpdvlpr


    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • muzzaker786

    great seller i appreciate his work

    Posted on: 05-Jan-2020
  • readerredcross

    Did a splendid job! Created as what I expected and followed what was given. I will be ordering again shortly!

    Posted on: 05-Jan-2020
  • tannmitchell07

    Good developer with a keen attitude to help and fix issues that I had with CSS and display of a specific section. Thanks for all your help!

    Posted on: 05-Jan-2020
  • shankkho

    10/10 Excellent work.

    Posted on: 29-Dec-2019
  • kavimoh

    TRUE STATISTICAL GENIUS IN Taskhelper! You'll never know what you'll get from a Taskhelper's statistician. Some know code, some R, some SPSS, some a bit of statistics. You must have luck to find a right person to your task. I know as I have experience with 50 statisticians in Taskhelper. This guy knows everything, from Bayesian, frequential, modeling, R, coding. Worth every dollar and even more! THIS IS YOUR BEST BET IN Taskhelper!

    Posted on: 25-Dec-2019
  • mayajustmaker

    The real deal!

    Posted on: 20-Dec-2019
  • travelermax

    Very proactive and easy to work with. Would hire again!

    Posted on: 20-Dec-2019
  • thelancersinc

    Thanks for the gig.

    Posted on: 19-Dec-2019
  • rabib5

    Perfect Communication! Excellent delivery! Thank you!

    Posted on: 18-Dec-2019
  • phpprogrammer4u

    Completed the task on a very professional level. Would recommend :)

    Posted on: 17-Dec-2019
  • jimmy_is_me

    This was incredible! I did not have a professional recording setup (more of a mediocre setup) but melodynemaster did a very fantastic job improving my vocal track. I would definitely hire again!

    Posted on: 17-Dec-2019
  • pnhddesigner

    great work and very helpful. thank you

    Posted on: 13-Dec-2019
  • sharmin47

    My designer is doing a super job. It's too bad I can't pay him because Taskhelper is interfering with my attempts at payment. Tomorrow I will use my PayPal account and if Taskhelper can't accept that then they are about as anti-business as they can get. I am not pleased with them. However, I am pleased with your work. Keep up the good work

    Posted on: 12-Dec-2019
  • gmkhatri

    thanks again

    Posted on: 11-Dec-2019
  • saif_edits

    Cosmickitti was fast, efficient and very talented. It was very easy to communicate and collaborate with Cosmickitti during design revisions. His prices are very affordable, yet the quality of the 3D model and animations were not compromised.

    Posted on: 10-Dec-2019
  • sibghatullahahs

    Perfect understanding and quality

    Posted on: 10-Dec-2019
  • ixlosiddin

    The seller is talented. I have two jobs with him. On one, it was good. And the second, not as good as I wanted. So I asked for a revision, but he was unwilling to accommodate after I failed to reach him outside of the time limit. Take that as you will.

    Posted on: 10-Dec-2019
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    Great job as usual.

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    excellent travail, gladly again, merci

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    Awesome!!!!! Thank you

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    I've used several times now and the final product is always amazing - worth the time, effort, and price!

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    Nice job as always

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    Excellent work, he did an amazing job. I had a lot of custom requests which could perfectly implement. His work attitude and desire to deliver a perfect outcome is amazing. The shop looks very professional. He also provided me guidance on how to maintain the shop and also offered to help in future in case I have any issues. One of the best sellers I found on Taskhelper so far and happy to comeback. Thanks a lot for your help and keep up the good work.

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    Incredible service and talent, fastest delivery I have ever had on Taskhelper. Extremely patient with all of my requests and delivered a MUCH better result than I expected. Went above and beyond, very easy to work with. Will use again!

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    The drawings are great, thank you! And faster than promised!

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    Good communication. It was easy to work with him

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    The best website I have ever had. Eliza thank you so much for your talent,your patience and your politeness. I will tell my business colleagues about your expertise.You are just the best.

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    Highly recommended! gave me some home work to do and im looking forward for it!

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