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  • eristacuka

    i'm so pleased with the work. great job.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • louthomasedison

    great work. love working with him. excellent

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • blue_ants

    Great Seller. We had to rethink our strategy and design and he was extremely patient, and helpful as we decided to pivot to a new design. Will continue to use this seller.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • shane_moon

    Great Communicator A+++

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • purplemoonshine

    Amazing job and a great designer to work with. I would recommend him to any one looking for quality and redouble services. Our company could not be any happier. Great job man.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • birdpro

    Very good seller. Very expert and fast. He has done a really critical job. Work quality is very high. I really appreciate. I recommend him to all of you. Will hire you again. Thanks a lot

    Posted on: 20-Oct-2020
  • fejiroogunje

    I'm astonishing with his speed.

    Posted on: 19-Oct-2020
  • imraza

    Great work, thanks

    Posted on: 14-Oct-2020
  • sedodesign

    Good job! I appreciate it.

    Posted on: 13-Oct-2020
  • basitdev

    Good concept ideas

    Posted on: 12-Oct-2020
  • wippo09

    What a great experience! Great insight, patients, vision, communication and on time delivery! Every step of the way communication was there. I was apprehensive at first but was won over in the end and see the great value delivered and the Pride on my athletes face says it was a great decision! I would confidently recommend wagnerBrito10!

    Posted on: 06-Oct-2020
  • joanna_marie

    Great seller 10/10

    Posted on: 06-Oct-2020
  • lynejane

    I have worked with this guy twice now and each time has been a pleasure. He has excellent communication skills and delivers a great product every time. I would highly recommend. It's very hard to find someone you can trust, this guy you can trust.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • adishukla9

    Email marketing pro! thanks for your help.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • azdinbnd

    I plan to place another order with Habeebat. The project she completed was compiling a list of contacts with custom fields in an Excel file. She communicated well with me to ensure that we were on the same page with the project. She also delivered an excellent final product based on the instructions I provided to her.

    Posted on: 30-Sep-2020
  • aammadullah

    Very accurate and the best out there

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • graphiclooks

    Great seller for Google Stacks, knows exactly what to put for links, embedded maps and how to build up authority for Local SEO. Rankings Boost!

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • charlottedavids

    Loved working with Dan! Highly recommend if you need an Australian VoiceOver for your project.

    Posted on: 24-Sep-2020
  • alexander440

    Christian was super quickly. Pictures were good quality and very beautiful. He created the feeling we wanted.

    Posted on: 21-Sep-2020
  • terrygrantvo

    Amazing! Very on point and high quality of work. Would Recommend!

    Posted on: 21-Sep-2020
  • raghavsharma993

    A great performer!!! Excellent record, very fast order completion. It also helped to correct the text. I recommend all this speaker to cooperate!!!

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • ahmed_elshater

    Wonderful/perfect/inspiring an amazing job that will help my webpage.

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • jawadasif54

    Excellent to work with always.

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • hokidsirem

    Sometimes i feel that how can one write exactly the same, what the client is expecting.

    Posted on: 18-Sep-2020
  • joeydesign

    Great work!

    Posted on: 18-Sep-2020
  • malinabbb

    Satisfied with the service. highly recommended!!!

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • tannerwildfong

    Amazing as always!

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • elabno

    Will absolutely do business again. Was prompt to respond, quick to deliver and most importantly followed instructions to perfection.

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • owentech

    Wonderful. Will use again.

    Posted on: 13-Sep-2020
  • hmathir

    Excellent work and quick turnaround. Thank you so much.

    Posted on: 09-Sep-2020
  • samfolu_expert

    Thanks for great job again!

    Posted on: 08-Sep-2020
  • muliveltman

    They gave me some great material and researched some things for me that I needed to know about my material. No complaints! Be sure to Tip them!

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2020
  • andypedrosa

    Such an amazing artist! Beyond everything i expected. Super professional.

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2020
  • traveltranslate

    Very great work !

    Posted on: 03-Sep-2020
  • usmanktk2020

    Very happy with the work.

    Posted on: 02-Sep-2020
  • danke_saurus


    Posted on: 01-Sep-2020
  • rosa74

    Fast, quality service as usual. Thank you!

    Posted on: 31-Aug-2020
  • agwakash

    The seller did a great job in transcibing the audio into Italian for my fan game Twice Ze Flvaor. Thanks again Alessia!

    Posted on: 30-Aug-2020
  • glorianadelcu

    Seller helped me fix issues after I accepted the order. Very good seller, would totally recommend!

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • mohab237

    I will use the provider again

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • paulinagrochal

    Excelente!!! Great communication and awesome service

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • pedrocosta2013

    The seller did provide feedback, kept me updated throughout the process, which was nice, and delivered on time. However, it lacked constructive criticism. Instead, I spent nearly 70$ on a rant and my follow up questions weren't answered even though I waited patiently for 2 days. I merely needed clarification, which wasn't provided. If you as a buyer is seeking constructive feedback, I don't recommend this seller.

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • sujitsure4

    Easy to talk to and communicate with. In short, I got exactly what I wanted. Everything described the service offered.

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • guysfunny

    Delivered as described and on time!

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • grafix_arena

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • writergideon

    Very good thank you!

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • magicstudio

    Excellent designer!

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • haze_solum

    I don't know how, but they made exactly what I wanted!

    Posted on: 20-Aug-2020
  • khaledt5

    I'd simply call you a lifesaver! I would love to do more projects in the future with you.

    Posted on: 20-Aug-2020
  • alessandarnold

    Truly wonderful item and seller

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • chem_engrburhan

    Thank you again

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • dorweir

    Great service!

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • jabedmiah5116

    He is THE BEST SELLER I have worked with throughout my whole fiver experience. He helped me at each step and was very patient and honest. He helped me with any questions I had and helped me on a highly technical task. THANK YOU for all the strenuous efforts you've put into my project. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • diamantina355it

    Nice Job, Woorge. Thank You.

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • aviseries

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 15-Aug-2020
  • ramafaturrahman

    love the delivery of it it sound just like what i had in my head cant wait to here it with the effects

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • ljacob

    Exactly what I asked for. So very professional! Highly recommend!

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • mohammedzain928

    Honestly could not say enough good things about Herman. This was my first order on Taskhelper and Herman helped me through getting my logo to where I wanted it. Herman is extremely helpful and listened to all the revisions I wanted to make. Would definitely recommend.

    Posted on: 13-Aug-2020
  • alikhanstory

    Amazing work good to have him help me quick responder and listener. Detailed work.

    Posted on: 12-Aug-2020
  • abbyghanayem

    build_vision did an awesome job, she over delivered on everything i asked from him. Thank you so much for my design i love it!! Great Designer

    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • fahadnadeem310

    Mehwish was lovely to work with. Great communication skills and very patient with modifications. Love my logo design. Very satisfied customer. Would use designer again in the future.

    Posted on: 08-Aug-2020
  • omairyaqoob

    Great job

    Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
  • tosskme

    Outstanding experience as always. Anytime i have any after effects projects I always come here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
  • ahmedsalah92

    Yes it was easy working with him, he got the job done, with just a small bit to finish myself.

    Posted on: 04-Aug-2020
  • dasun_nimash

    Amazing I am so happy with the vision board very detailed!

    Posted on: 04-Aug-2020
  • jneo86

    He was very responsive and professional. He offered a great service

    Posted on: 03-Aug-2020
  • andrewmatzenger

    Never met any translator alike (knowing many). Simply the best.

    Posted on: 01-Aug-2020
  • aijazalikhokhar

    Very communicative. Super fast delivery. Have not checked leads but looks legit. Ordered 20 leads, got detailed critical info.

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • naznin6870

    Great work as always

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • j8bits

    Excellent work

    Posted on: 28-Jul-2020
  • shakti_1988

    Amazing! I absolutely love it thanks

    Posted on: 28-Jul-2020
  • senumi

    He is an amazing artist. Patient and professional with a great eye for detail!

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • roushdyahmed

    Extraordinary work. Thanks for your contribution. Recommended one hundred percent

    Posted on: 26-Jul-2020
  • erelen

    Was really impressed by his detailing Would love to work with him again for more projects

    Posted on: 25-Jul-2020
  • peacenic

    A good writer and delivery on time.

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • lippai_sam

    Awesome service! Very well recommended.

    Posted on: 21-Jul-2020
  • rmichals

    Outstanding Experience

    Posted on: 19-Jul-2020
  • dilanboskan

    awesome delivery

    Posted on: 19-Jul-2020
  • lucianmercas

    This was great and very fast turnaround!

    Posted on: 19-Jul-2020
  • deandra876

    Very quick and correct work

    Posted on: 15-Jul-2020
  • Great work, has a lot of patience and good communication . I will definitely recommend you to him.

    Posted on: 15-Jul-2020
  • chabiul

    I asked to get modern brand names for my new brand.

    Posted on: 14-Jul-2020
  • lucsantana

    Excellent work, fast turnaround.

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • infinitemediabd

    This dude is one of the best on Taskhelper! He is very honest, considerate, compassionate, prompt and he knows his onions! I’ll definitely keep him as a friend! Thank you brother!

    Posted on: 11-Jul-2020
  • proximeter

    Work done according to requests, everything was on time as expected

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • digital_tutor

    Excellent work!

    Posted on: 08-Jul-2020
  • ramjee55

    Another excellent job!

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • itedvantage

    Everything is great, fast delivery. Very understanding seller. Thanks you!

    Posted on: 05-Jul-2020
  • rimshanasir123

    Amazing work!

    Posted on: 03-Jul-2020
  • shohily0167

    Zey is Amazing to work with. She listens and understands what client wants very quickly. With her knowledge, professionalism and ethics, she then takes great responsibility and initiatives to do her job perfectly. She pays great attention to details and make sure all information are correct. Not only she does her job very well, she has even told me the errors in our original listings, which I appreciated it very much. I have no doubt that our listings ranking will be greatly improved after her translation and optimisation. I will definitely have her to do more and strongly recommend her to others.

    Posted on: 28-Jun-2020
  • willnaisbitt

    customer satisfaction focus!

    Posted on: 27-Jun-2020
  • implankton

    Excellent job!

    Posted on: 26-Jun-2020
  • shintamaharani

    Everything he does is great.

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • mukeshkalwar91

    Great job, even tried to look up some companies in other languages for me, great extra effort!

    Posted on: 21-Jun-2020
  • staisone


    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • cosmosaria

    Great writer - a lot of thought put into research to make it good.

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • cv_design_lanka

    Your the god dam man

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • melissacaudle

    lovely work

    Posted on: 11-Jun-2020
  • hamzafazal43

    great service

    Posted on: 09-Jun-2020
  • star1187

    excellent as always

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • sanashah828

    Professional and accurate

    Posted on: 07-Jun-2020
  • laldin3342

    Very quick to respond and execute. Does what he says he will. Delivered in record time.

    Posted on: 06-Jun-2020
  • zoraizmudassar

    Great Quality and Fast turnaround

    Posted on: 05-Jun-2020
  • mfaddy

    Perfect work thank you. I recomend at all who want good work. Thanks

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • vibes_kit

    Great communication! Awesome final product!

    Posted on: 03-Jun-2020
  • tyabi69

    best Seller

    Posted on: 03-Jun-2020
  • aafimir193

    nice work

    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • team2aqua

    Very responsive and great job.

    Posted on: 27-May-2020
  • mhsajjadhossain

    good job done

    Posted on: 24-May-2020
  • larrysemprun

    Very good and fast

    Posted on: 24-May-2020
  • gemteng

    No problem and the seller delivered what was promised. Will use again.

    Posted on: 17-May-2020
  • wp_expert_habib

    Wow, this gig is one of my favorites. He literally over-delivered by offering more than asked for.

    Posted on: 17-May-2020
  • breafield

    what a great delivery! I highly suggest this Seller for professional delivery

    Posted on: 16-May-2020
  • l_optimization

    Great job as always!

    Posted on: 12-May-2020
  • dinuth_arts

    Great work. Communication was excellent. The Cartflows funnel I had built was exactly what I asked for. I would certainly hire this seller again.

    Posted on: 11-May-2020
  • ahmed00moustafa

    Very easy to work with and pleasant

    Posted on: 07-May-2020
  • nichtrobin

    Great job!

    Posted on: 07-May-2020
  • jilliancorpse00

    Very patient and great willingness to help!

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • academicjournal

    Great audiobook promotion and easy to work with. Would highly recommend.

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • dmsolution22

    Great stuff

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • seasoned_writer

    Very fast response time

    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • whitehatbe

    Great work and communication

    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • kreatex


    Posted on: 23-Apr-2020
  • beauty_10

    Great service as always

    Posted on: 22-Apr-2020
  • binteismail

    200% satisfied. Meher is really good writer. He understand all the requirements and write the script same as my client want. 100% recommended. From now Meher is my favorite writer for my all future projects.

    Posted on: 21-Apr-2020
  • kaushalseo

    Simply amazing Seller who offers unparalleled service on Taskhelper. Highly recommended to anyone who wants quality work, quick delivery and outstanding communication.

    Posted on: 20-Apr-2020
  • rightawaywritin

    Great advice!

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • iganowak

    Will work with this seller again! I will also be listening and excited to hear it be played Live!

    Posted on: 15-Apr-2020
  • kellybrannon

    Professsional and very friendly. Fast delivery. Very good job.

    Posted on: 14-Apr-2020
  • darkblue_

    Brilliant job done within a short ultimatum. I recommend this service. Thanks so much carolinaandrew6

    Posted on: 14-Apr-2020
  • emil24

    This was consecutive project we did together. With detailed instructions the job was done as expected. I recommend this user!

    Posted on: 12-Apr-2020
  • natali_brill

    Top quality work and communication! Thank you.

    Posted on: 12-Apr-2020
  • efahmy

    The drawings are absolutely amazing! So happy with the whole experience and will definitely use again!

    Posted on: 10-Apr-2020
  • maury74

    Highly recommend, Thank you so much!

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • suraj61095

    Great help! Very fast delivery.

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • gabrielamejiam

    Good work

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • eduardsoponar94

    Excellent work as always!

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • hanna2709

    Fantastic job! Will be ordering again soon!

    Posted on: 04-Apr-2020
  • bilalswl12

    Très bon service. Merci!

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • joseph30941

    Great, fast, and communicate on time.

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • vanjadu

    great job

    Posted on: 02-Apr-2020
  • designer502

    great experience

    Posted on: 02-Apr-2020
  • arooshshakil08

    I was very impressed with Template1 and he kept in constant contact with me. Thank you!

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • mirzahassan686

    Worked with me to make it perfect

    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
  • everhevason

    Delivered more than required, well within the time frame. Highly recommended!

    Posted on: 23-Mar-2020
  • realozzy

    Great work

    Posted on: 15-Mar-2020
  • blessing_92

    Amazing thankyou so much.

    Posted on: 15-Mar-2020
  • abdurrahaman215

    Really good job!

    Posted on: 14-Mar-2020
  • guru909

    Very professional and helpful!

    Posted on: 14-Mar-2020
  • mirtowfiq

    Excellent work

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2020
  • inovativedesgn

    Deliver on time

    Posted on: 10-Mar-2020
  • jahanzeb18

    Super reliable, fast processing of orders and very accommodating guys. Looking forward for a lot more projects. Thank you heaps guys.

    Posted on: 09-Mar-2020
  • rameshr

    Ashley is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry. She always delivers on time, has perfect grammar and has the best writing style for real estate. Thanks again!

    Posted on: 08-Mar-2020
  • eyoungpub

    Thanks, great job again

    Posted on: 07-Mar-2020
  • leonart93

    Great communication and response time; he listed to every detail and adapted to our requests; very receptive to each revision and made the entire process very easy for us. For sure will use again!

    Posted on: 07-Mar-2020
  • wahab5r

    Very good english and a great article.

    Posted on: 06-Mar-2020
  • kelseyeaves

    Best designer ever .He has lot of patience and skills.Ali designed my website very professional like I asked . Definitely I will use he's services again. 5 designer!!!

    Posted on: 04-Mar-2020
  • tajkia_hafiz

    He will do your work in a good manner

    Posted on: 03-Mar-2020
  • aldotheplug

    Amazing, fast delivery, even quicker than expected date and he done an excellent job! Well done Marius and thank you, best of luck in your career. <3

    Posted on: 02-Mar-2020
  • talethia

    Great service and fast delivery

    Posted on: 29-Feb-2020
  • randol7

    Perfect, job well done!

    Posted on: 28-Feb-2020
  • bobthecreato572

    He did a great job. I had asked for several revisions and he fixed it accordingly

    Posted on: 28-Feb-2020
  • nooraaiin

    Really great, super fast and right on the money! Thank you!!

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • nimraarshadd

    He is very quick to respond and delivers quickly. Always willing to correct things when they are wrong. Has been easy to work with!

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • fatmazareen

    I wanted a circular business card designed up for my business and evolmissing did a great job, fast and easy to work with, will be coming back for further graphic design work, thank you again.

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
  • benkoschella

    Everything is great, thank you

    Posted on: 11-Feb-2020
  • jackroken1850


    Posted on: 09-Feb-2020
  • raad184

    Improved my store.

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • progfxdesign

    Really passionate for teaching as much as possible.

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • evgen_zoidze

    I absolutely love their work. Very professional

    Posted on: 05-Feb-2020
  • hassantariq090

    Very good writer, highly responsive and communicative,

    Posted on: 03-Feb-2020
  • elmo200

    Best tech I ever used on Taskhelper.

    Posted on: 03-Feb-2020
  • abrarcreative

    Just like I wanted & he fixed what was needed without any issues. This is my 3rd project with him & will be back when needed again.

    Posted on: 03-Feb-2020
  • ritesolutions

    5 Stars, am using agin for more ongoing work

    Posted on: 02-Feb-2020
  • noreenyasir

    Michael, was fast responding and did a good solid job.

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2020
  • gabbybr

    this seller is too good. he delivered way way earlier than the scheduled date. I recommend a 100/% . I love his work just what i wanted. i wish i could give 10 stars. keep up with your good work, God bless you and thank you soo much.

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • tremendous_tree

    perfect, great communications, works great, will use again

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • soniamughal

    An amazing job as always. She's awesome.

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • sumaira_aslam8

    Very well done thank you

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • jakiapervin201

    great communication

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • ondebeat

    Fast and excellent service

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • zainy64

    fast accurate always on time

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2020
  • sanzidaluna

    Good person, good at what he is doing. Would buy again.

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2020
  • hasilpurproduct

    Excellent service from her

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2020
  • kaylacareer

    My resume got picked up by the system.!

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • chin_werng

    Amazing job.

    Posted on: 26-Jan-2020
  • markmaglioli

    Great response time, very happy with the result.

    Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
  • blaxonk

    Great work, and very fast. Will continue using this service

    Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
  • jeresikstus

    Very responsive and easy to work with. Quality of work is great!

    Posted on: 23-Jan-2020
  • rizza84g

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • nasirulamin

    Advertised a service he couldn't deliver...tried and failed to overcharge me. Dishonest & dangerous. BEST AVOIDED.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • sslacey_pu7

    Great work!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • worker26

    Outstanding work as always! Can’t recommend enough

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • misstranscript

    Thank you. I was expecting it to last for atleast few days. Servic description was not very clear.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • scorpionqaiser

    Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly! It turned out great!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • darkmagick

    Great job !!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • photoishan

    Seller was very nice and patient to work with.Great job. Very understanding and works over and beyond to get you exactly what you want. Definitely going to use again.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • hendroutomo221

    Great piece, thank you!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • technolgysol

    Great experience!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • zohra_yasmeen

    Amazing! Every time I hire Carrie my activity and sales go through the roof!!

    Posted on: 18-Jan-2020
  • mayhirsch

    Absolut perfect photos, and Maria is wonderful to work with. She exactly covered the "spirit" of our products and always delivers in time. We can highly recommend her.

    Posted on: 17-Jan-2020
  • davidbowden344

    I enjoy the designs that he creates for me!!!. His work is always excellent!!!

    Posted on: 17-Jan-2020
  • bayla22

    Fast service !

    Posted on: 16-Jan-2020
  • workolhic

    Amina is by far the best designer and seller on this platform. He went well above my expectations on all levels communication, skill, and response time! Thank you very much, will do business again next time I need a logo!

    Posted on: 15-Jan-2020
  • syedamark

    Amazing service

    Posted on: 14-Jan-2020
  • carlosmorann

    Very happy with the work done

    Posted on: 14-Jan-2020
  • annie_44

    Lovely work and quick turn around! I'll be back with the next project.

    Posted on: 11-Jan-2020
  • xxmistyeyesxx

    If you are reading i highly recommend this guy, he was patient and professional and knows what he is doing.

    Posted on: 11-Jan-2020
  • pdfdirector

    Oksana is professional, very helpful and delivers exceptional work. I can recommend her to anyone looking for great translation or voice work

    Posted on: 09-Jan-2020
  • dkarade

    Well, to no fault of his, I am not satisfied with the final project....I was caught off guard by getting called back to work after being off for 3 1/2 weeks....I never had time to get any info to the seller...

    Posted on: 09-Jan-2020
  • anngovan2011

    Thank you! Another great video!

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • mrbarnk

    Excellent experience will make more order from you

    Posted on: 02-Jan-2020
  • ashishsriwastav

    Very Professional !

    Posted on: 02-Jan-2020
  • avery_brooks

    The result was 10 times better than we anticipated. Strongly recommend her for your dance video. Stop thinking, just order :)

    Posted on: 29-Dec-2019
  • nicolegolaub

    Great work!

    Posted on: 28-Dec-2019
  • alankichl

    Amazing work again, thank you for delivering so fast! He went above and beyond, thank you!

    Posted on: 26-Dec-2019
  • proklganikhin

    Excellent service and great communication, she answered all my questions kindly. All files in delivery are well organized, explained, written and presented in the best possible way. I am very happy with this work. I will shop again and again with sumitselim only.

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