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I will deliver anything you need.

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Whatever you need I can pick up for you.

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  • shumon649

    David has done lead sheets and some arrangements for me. He's very reliable and makes sure the final product is right.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • bestcarwraps

    Best gig on this platform.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • eshoars

    Good work very quick

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • hanif45698

    It was great to work with Nika. It was easy to communicate and share ideas and see them come to life. The fact that Nika helps you improve your ideas and develop an improved product shows the talent that they have. We've experienced other sellers that only took "orders" vs adding their unique ideas to build upon your own and this was definitely not the case. Thanks again for a sucessful experience.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • syedsherali913

    Fantastic seller. Very talented programmer. Excellent communications. Great attitude.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • pabloguarnieri

    He did an amazing job! I only asked for one ad and he did three! He was very easy to work with, had my 1st draft of my order done within a couple hours and asked for my feedback, and then had a perfect final draft ready soon after that. Thank you so much!

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • abdellah97

    Mehar is truly amazing at what he does! He is very responsive and quick at making any changes you want until your completely satisfied. I def recommend his work and his services!!! 5 star!!!!

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • mmolle10

    Great, thank you. I'll order more.

    Posted on: 16-Oct-2020
  • disharathour88

    Always gets the job done.

    Posted on: 08-Oct-2020
  • transxperience

    The work is not finished yet as we would like to change something. But I can say he s very professional and with skills. I recommend it.

    Posted on: 08-Oct-2020
  • hindy355

    excellent work always recommend

    Posted on: 06-Oct-2020
  • modada

    Jonas is one of few German podcast editors, friendly, professional, and prompt in delivery!

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • samfolu_expert

    good job hope work with him the next time

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • mrkretschmer

    Awesome seller to work with. Can not wait to work with him in the future!

    Posted on: 04-Oct-2020
  • zahidhussain0

    Always great work and on time delivery!

    Posted on: 25-Sep-2020
  • khan_azka

    Great communication and work product!

    Posted on: 24-Sep-2020
  • aneeskhattak085

    quick delivery. sounds legit!!

    Posted on: 22-Sep-2020
  • mamemmm

    ok gooddddđ

    Posted on: 17-Sep-2020
  • ma_misaal

    Very fast delivery with an amazing job. Thank you.

    Posted on: 16-Sep-2020
  • kdm_designer07

    as expected

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • khalidahmeds

    Very fine work and quick turnaround! Thank you

    Posted on: 12-Sep-2020
  • sustyent

    Extra-fast Delivery with Excellent Communication.

    Posted on: 08-Sep-2020
  • iqrarasool

    Abdel Asessafi was awesome. He communicates fast, reasonable price, and does an excellent job. He also gave me several concepts to choose from. I would definitely recommend him!

    Posted on: 05-Sep-2020
  • arielfingaley

    Thank you so much

    Posted on: 01-Sep-2020
  • engineer_ammar

    Great experience

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • gauri_pasarkar

    Seller was very useful and understood what I needed straightaway. Highly recommended and will work with again. Super fast delivery speed too!

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • karendlittle

    Great work, thank you for everything in timely manner!

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • chiaoyang484

    Good Communication and Grear Work!

    Posted on: 26-Aug-2020
  • vikram303

    Everything done as expected.

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • m_kwebdesign45

    Devin is the best at what he does. Share with him your vision and he will make the magic happen. I am a regular and love his work.

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • reltringham22

    Great design. Great communication! Jeffry understood my vision and delivered on time. I would recommend using Jeffry's ad creation service. Thanks a lot!

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • arslan73

    Great communication and quick turnaround!

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • seharluqman

    I am working on my Kickstarter project and needed a database. The seller was direct in what skills she provides and was easy to communicate with. She delivered ahead of schedule. She provided quality work.

    Posted on: 22-Aug-2020
  • weldamaulani

    thanks for the book!

    Posted on: 20-Aug-2020
  • hamzaboulhanine

    Awesome work will definitely use him again. Very impressed with how fast he responded, to getting the design to me.

    Posted on: 20-Aug-2020
  • pithavaritesh

    Excellent! Very happy with the outcome. Thank you.

    Posted on: 18-Aug-2020
  • mikhailsa

    It was great. The seller took the time to explain all the terms and give some overall infomation on next steps.

    Posted on: 18-Aug-2020
  • handiansom

    Perfect! Everything was done correctly

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • ivanphang

    Absolutely loved Lillys work. Her writing is incredible. Such a difficult, unknown industry for her but she picked it up exceptionally well. Very prompt service even with the updates. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using her service again.

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • ankitakaur

    New sellers have a difficult time here but you should put your eyes on this one. He came in so clutch last minute and put in some serious work (skilled work). can't recommend him enough :)

    Posted on: 13-Aug-2020
  • pirzadasas

    I would really recommend this logo Desinger very responsive and very efficient amazing service followed every order was a pleasure working with you

    Posted on: 13-Aug-2020
  • tipushuvro

    Thank You so much for your service and support !

    Posted on: 13-Aug-2020
  • carlosnietocom


    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • quality_essays1

    Excellent service!

    Posted on: 08-Aug-2020
  • klahklah

    fast, cheap and perfect work, what do you want more.

    Posted on: 08-Aug-2020
  • pratiksha07

    the work was done well

    Posted on: 02-Aug-2020
  • jademayers

    Thank you for the beautiful designs, and helping us to try out different colour tones and font sizes. The end result really stands out.

    Posted on: 01-Aug-2020
  • lenismolina

    Great experience. Themasterpeice did a brilliant job in no time. We have used his services for the second time already. Recommended!

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • webtech_24h

    Priya was very prompt in her response and she did a great job in setting my conversion tracking.

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • nuwancs

    Awesome teacher. Learned a lot today. Highly recommended! Thank you!

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • tahir_alie

    Fast and detailed sketch!

    Posted on: 26-Jul-2020
  • sahibzada18

    Seller was awesome! Gave me great insight, customized the designs to my specification and we are now discussing another project together. Great job, I will be working with you again!

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • sarimkhan241

    as always amazing

    Posted on: 23-Jul-2020
  • spandanmahmud

    The analytics show the traffic was a sudden spike in increase followed by nothing and therefore appears to be a bot, not organic traffic.

    Posted on: 21-Jul-2020
  • lordsimeon

    Did a good job, would deal with again

    Posted on: 18-Jul-2020
  • edokur

    Ainsley does a very detailed job of proofreading, she has a fast turn around time and is great to work with her. This is why I keep returning to her!

    Posted on: 18-Jul-2020
  • dataentryleader

    Very good, very patient.

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • simonedifusco

    Absolutely will be ordering from you again I love it!!!!

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • ravens92

    Good Job Thank You

    Posted on: 15-Jul-2020
  • moazzankamran

    Very good communication

    Posted on: 14-Jul-2020
  • peterpittsz

    Relansarwar1 did a great job taking my idea and putting it onto paper. Great execution. Fast service. Would definitely use him in the future!

    Posted on: 14-Jul-2020
  • malikhaider143

    Excellent to work with, very friendly! Great work as well

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • muhammadali2019

    Thanks Again for your Great work I will like to work with you again

    Posted on: 11-Jul-2020
  • buyerbiz

    nice and very attentive

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • ahtishamaliqu

    Very good communication. Works fast if you know what you want. Had no problems with 3 small revisions.

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • jamshedashraf

    Very good guy!

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • mehediihassan

    Rhhira did an amazing job. He nailed what I envisioned and I will definitely coordinate with him again on future projects!!

    Posted on: 07-Jul-2020
  • bayron1

    Perfect work, fast and reliable!

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • patriciagrigore

    I needed to create a new payment gateway for a wordpress theme and this was like a hot knife cutting butter for this seller. Services are top notch and communication is superb

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • alnoman1993


    Posted on: 03-Jul-2020
  • pearl601

    this seller makes me wish there were more stars to give. took the idea I had in my head and made it 1000 times better. also patient and very nice and dealt with all my annoying nitpicking.

    Posted on: 03-Jul-2020
  • micky_macaw

    Very informative and thorough Amazon API consultation. Great value for the money!

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • workfromhoms

    Great Help . Will strongly Recommend 100%+++++++++++++++++++

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • jingyi_wang

    Highly satisfied with outcome and quality of service rendered by the seller.

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • thusharasamp468

    Excellence in Taskhelper!

    Posted on: 30-Jun-2020
  • chermitirihab

    Excellent job and perfect response time.

    Posted on: 29-Jun-2020
  • shashulenka

    Great job again, thank you!

    Posted on: 28-Jun-2020
  • rachmad21

    Good Service

    Posted on: 26-Jun-2020
  • mahmoudtaher95

    He have a good feeling to understand what you want. That makes the work great! :)

    Posted on: 24-Jun-2020
  • rashidiqbalofc

    Very professional and reactive. My best experience so far on Taskhelper.

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • a25218983

    Fantastic job

    Posted on: 21-Jun-2020
  • izahgleb00

    Thanks alot!

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • v3nomxr34

    awesome bro

    Posted on: 16-Jun-2020
  • bishnukunwar329

    It was a great experience. The service was up to the mark and on time.

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • cathie_alexande

    great communication, and im happy with the final result

    Posted on: 06-Jun-2020
  • musha_007

    thanks for the great communication! not "quite" a match in what i was looking for in content, but good effort. thank you.

    Posted on: 02-Jun-2020
  • nniebb

    I love it! How can I order additional vectors?

    Posted on: 02-Jun-2020
  • sergeyar

    Didn’t back down when it seemed impossible and eventually did it.

    Posted on: 27-May-2020
  • alexanderl4

    Great guy with great and fast work!

    Posted on: 26-May-2020
  • iqraishtiaq

    I would recommend her for anyone is looking for a professional store designer. She was very supportive and cooperative to deliver the best.

    Posted on: 23-May-2020
  • austinacademy

    The Best designer in the world

    Posted on: 20-May-2020
  • proximeter

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 14-May-2020
  • donutprotector

    Great result and speedy delivery!

    Posted on: 13-May-2020
  • nativechina

    you can trust his work!!!really good

    Posted on: 08-May-2020
  • smith225

    ok very good

    Posted on: 02-May-2020
  • qaziadnan103

    Good communication skill, quick response

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • dzengineer21

    Fast production, revisions indeed unlimited but low quality of work (a lot of defaults, very rough, a lot of revisions).

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • jadancer1

    I had a custom order & they were extremely patient with a first-time twitch/streamer like me who had a lot of questions, & specific needs. They also were patient with me even with technical issues on my end. Would highly recommend their service!

    Posted on: 24-Apr-2020
  • mobeenmobi

    Thank you for your service....

    Posted on: 24-Apr-2020
  • hwan_sun

    Great work!

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • dataentrygeek

    He's a genuis. Awesome communication, great work and fast.

    Posted on: 14-Apr-2020
  • roman_mra

    She was so willing to help . Also good service

    Posted on: 14-Apr-2020
  • akashgh

    Excellent as always.

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • izii_designer

    Great review, thank you Hispeedlaptops.

    Posted on: 08-Apr-2020
  • skillfull

    Good job my dear, You did exactly as I wanted!

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • ramzanguru

    The service provided was stellar and professional. Always an enjoyment to work with and work always done in a timely manner. Thank you again!

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • anmatiqurrahman

    Excellent, very reliable

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • naumannazir1

    Great job, will order

    Posted on: 02-Apr-2020
  • mkniyas

    Thanks so much! Very easy to work with. Super fast communication and work. Would definitely recommend

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • maxhay

    Gene ofrece un buen servicio y es muy atenta y servicial, fue una buena experiencia trabajr con ella

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • rasyidarari

    Very very satisfied, super high good quality courses. Now study and further develop. Thank you for the hard work !!! We'll keep in touch.

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • gareenguerboyan

    Awesome work

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • naumanahmad3152

    Really smooth and effective experience, and I'm very happy with the result.

    Posted on: 30-Mar-2020
  • dicaro

    Excellent work. Will use again for my law firm.

    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
  • tanzilzen

    Lion did an outstanding job and I am definitely satisfied. He delivered exactly what was asked and I will probably be utilizing his services again in the future!

    Posted on: 26-Mar-2020
  • sahibakram

    Truly, a pleasure. Valeria was very responsive, did an excellent job, and turned the order around in just a few hours! Bravo!

    Posted on: 26-Mar-2020
  • brightseeker

    Great job. Fast work!!! Will use again!

    Posted on: 20-Mar-2020
  • sufyanqadeer128

    link working perfectly, very cheap!

    Posted on: 19-Mar-2020
  • raad184

    WOW. Jack exceeded my expectations! Such superb wordsmiths. No revisions were necessary! Highly recommended. I absolutely will use his services again!

    Posted on: 19-Mar-2020
  • shilpi439

    Great job, thanks

    Posted on: 19-Mar-2020
  • jinaiait

    Very pleased! Will hire again!

    Posted on: 18-Mar-2020
  • chhatish

    Needed for a creative piece I was having made.

    Posted on: 14-Mar-2020
  • hamzashop92

    Clear and concise.

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2020
  • dreamsee

    Pristianyuli is a very talented artist who was able to replicate another artist style per my request. He completed the art quickly and with a high quality. When feedback was provided, he was communicative and implemented changes quickly. I would highly recommend this artist to other people looking for concept art for pitch decks and look books.

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • souila7

    Great experience working this seller again! Highly recommended!

    Posted on: 09-Mar-2020
  • mind_for_sale

    The seller was good at communicating, which was a plus; but the work dealt with technology, and as such, we weren't seeing the same thing most of the time. It took about two days for me to see what they were. In the end, they delivered what their service said and got the website back up and live for me. I'll have to make some edits, but the service was true to its description for the most part.

    Posted on: 08-Mar-2020
  • junaidrajpoot

    Thank you! This is the second video bharath_23_raj has made for me and it's just as amazing as the first! High quality, quick work! Very open to revisions and easy to communicate with the entire time. Amazing! Requesting another project from them now... THANK YOU!

    Posted on: 06-Mar-2020
  • mary_topher

    Thank you!!

    Posted on: 19-Feb-2020
  • senthoo1992

    She is professional in machine learning. I gave my requirements of Predicting Age and Gender from Face Pictures and she delivered me the project with quality. I’m really happy and blessed to work with her. I will definitely hire you for my next project!!!

    Posted on: 17-Feb-2020
  • yasir9001

    Excellent, merci !

    Posted on: 15-Feb-2020
  • herrytin453

    Thank you

    Posted on: 15-Feb-2020
  • robilabegum

    Great work!

    Posted on: 13-Feb-2020
  • naeemullah997

    He was very responsive.

    Posted on: 13-Feb-2020
  • farhanmeo

    This guy is a perfect partner - he can listen and have a taste. I can assure you definitely can get what you are looking for right here!

    Posted on: 12-Feb-2020
  • maazsheikh4

    Very prompt with delivery and look better than expected!

    Posted on: 09-Feb-2020
  • aneesumar722

    Shana was amazing to work with and created such an interesting blog post for my business! Thank you so much Shana! x

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • hamza_hashmi

    Professional communication and delivery

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • atse8657

    Great Job thank you

    Posted on: 07-Feb-2020
  • coder_infinity

    thanks again.

    Posted on: 05-Feb-2020
  • aj_mat

    Thanks a lot! Great job!

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2020
  • unsername135

    Thanks great

    Posted on: 02-Feb-2020
  • panamsingh07

    Easy to work with. Executed vision. Revised quickly as many times as need until satisfied. Will be using again. I

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2020
  • mfarizrahman

    Great work highly recommend

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • cazzamayo

    The seller delivered a great job and was caring in his approach to the task.

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • mrchiu

    Laura is a creative genius and a pleasure to work with.

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • mr_bap

    Very responsive

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • circuit2pcb

    I like that the portions of the work that was done was done very well. My only con with the seller is that he should be upfront and detailed on what he can accomplish and what he can't. But overall we both were able to come to a professional agreement with the work done and he was very professional.

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2020
  • zainulmomin

    wow-designerr has been great to work very quick and professional

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • mirahindalco

    amazing work by seller, very very impressed with timing

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • freelanceprince

    Excellent! Thank you!!

    Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
  • tuomaskatajisto

    Great job. Excellent quality.

    Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
  • alise76

    Reliable services in the market. very polite and transparent in communication. open for suggestions which is very essential in research and analysis. I'm completely satisfied with those delivery. Highly recommended service for dissertation, market research, analysis requirements.

    Posted on: 23-Jan-2020
  • brandonflash649

    It was great working with Mrguestpost. He deliver on time, with highest quality. One of the best seo expert recommended

    Posted on: 21-Jan-2020
  • ipriest

    OMG! I really enjoyed working with the designer. I had no clue what I wanted my designs to look like, and the designer went all out. l highly recommend working with them and will be using them in the future!

    Posted on: 21-Jan-2020
  • floasse

    Good Experience!

    Posted on: 21-Jan-2020
  • ranaharoon322

    Great Service! Thank you

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • shahanzafar01

    good experience

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • damjan7

    Thanks again.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • fittingdesign

    This was our first use of this provider. I am very happy with the self-starting, and self control of the project. We will now be using this provider on a weekly post.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • bright_sale

    Fantastic design and service. Will be using again.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • mohamedhammi523

    Absolutely amazing. Fast and listens to instructions perfectly. I will be hiring him again!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • alirazajaveed

    Thanks for good sharing

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • teacher_murray

    Outstanding Experience! Thank you very much for your help.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • slcoding

    Great reading. Thank yoj

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • climatronic

    Excellent work

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • karimplaysguita

    Good seller , highly recommended . i will work with him again

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • astrid2002

    Awesome experience.. jame_forrest was extremely easy to work with and delivers an EXCELLENT logo. I would definitely work with him again.

    Posted on: 15-Jan-2020
  • closedcaptioner

    Perfect Again

    Posted on: 14-Jan-2020
  • marcusbrogile

    Late and errors.

    Posted on: 13-Jan-2020
  • wecontent1

    Unfortunately, I did not get what I expected. With 5 years buying on Taskhelper, this project was my worst experience. Very difficult communication with the seller, he couldn't understand simple things although he was polite and he answered quickly. In the end, I had a partial delivery with 2 revisions, one order cancel, and one more order with less money. He is not experienced so if only you have a simple project, you can proceed order with him.

    Posted on: 13-Jan-2020
  • willsoftsol

    Carefully understand my original content to make sure the translation is perfect.

    Posted on: 13-Jan-2020
  • iqrawellworded

    Quality 10/10 -IGN work right there!

    Posted on: 13-Jan-2020
  • abrar147

    Super seller!

    Posted on: 11-Jan-2020
  • jarelligene

    The grant research work was done perfectly.

    Posted on: 10-Jan-2020
  • reidanimates

    Excellent service provided by the Seller.

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • jhonymellow

    She was awesome!

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • lyxy321

    jcunique has sent out top quality material and what we was most impressed by was the face that he sent over so many different variations so we could choose the ones we liked instead of been stuck to use the one.

    Posted on: 04-Jan-2020
  • jaspermccormick

    alexj21 is great to work with! This was a follow on piece of work from an earlier job. Highly recommended. We will definitely be doing further projects with him.

    Posted on: 03-Jan-2020
  • toxtox

    Very intelligent very professional very fast communication is awesome very detailed explanation will hire again

    Posted on: 03-Jan-2020
  • mustaphaoualhab

    Perfect individual for the job. Thank you.

    Posted on: 02-Jan-2020
  • sebastianyktv

    Exceptional design from Rinash...best on Taskhelper for event flyer & poster designs!

    Posted on: 02-Jan-2020
  • choukods

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 01-Jan-2020
  • sumya555

    Have had multiple AMVs made by this seller and every one of them have been above and beyond expectations, awesome seller and will continue to work with him!

    Posted on: 31-Dec-2019
  • miniplex

    Fahim did a fabulous job. Very responsive and super service minded. I recommend him!

    Posted on: 30-Dec-2019
  • ciu_90

    Good professional

    Posted on: 30-Dec-2019
  • kingmaddy

    Very artistic and patient nice to work with!

    Posted on: 30-Dec-2019
  • numairsalmalin

    Great work as always.

    Posted on: 26-Dec-2019
  • netbilling

    Quick response and delivery

    Posted on: 25-Dec-2019
  • motivational01

    Awesome work thanks

    Posted on: 23-Dec-2019
  • christianerusso

    Good service. High quality. Quick response

    Posted on: 22-Dec-2019
  • nebojsa90

    I recommand, thank you

    Posted on: 22-Dec-2019
  • arifshawn

    Godd job thanks for the hard work

    Posted on: 22-Dec-2019
  • denis555

    If I compare the quality of other sellers, this wouldn't be in my top 10. I had high hopes due to the pricing on the service but the quality of the layout, I was not impressed

    Posted on: 18-Dec-2019
  • egiderifki

    Outstanding experience! This is the first of two jobs I am doing with this seller. The seller was able to provide me with an excellent Webshop including every feature I asked for.

    Posted on: 16-Dec-2019
  • irsakhan131

    Fast response. Supportive all the way and the case was solved in a week even with over £1500 in the account

    Posted on: 16-Dec-2019
  • rajugreenlover

    Good work!

    Posted on: 13-Dec-2019
  • davidowriter

    Excellent video creation for the posts! High-quality posts and he increased our following. If you need some help managing your social media, Chris can help you!

    Posted on: 12-Dec-2019
  • blasterversed

    recommend for every one

    Posted on: 10-Dec-2019
  • tuns_graphics

    He does what he promised. I like his work

    Posted on: 09-Dec-2019
  • chamindu94

    Angelica did a great job on my eBook. I would highly recommend here to anyone wanting some graphic design work done.

    Posted on: 08-Dec-2019
  • shahvaizkhan201

    We worked with Talent. Frieder is an artist who can capture the 'feel' of the project. We will DEFINANTELY use him again.

    Posted on: 08-Dec-2019
  • claudia_jonas

    Great to work with!!!

    Posted on: 08-Dec-2019
  • marari2003

    Outstanding experience!

    Posted on: 02-Dec-2019
  • seoexpert1124

    Thanks for the good work.

    Posted on: 29-Nov-2019
  • wilfredsawe

    Very well done, thank you

    Posted on: 27-Nov-2019
  • santoshkumarsrv

    I was extremely happy with my delivery. The seller is very professional. He made small edits when I asked very quickly and the finished product was fantastic. Highly Recommended!

    Posted on: 27-Nov-2019
  • joel_gatuna

    Great experience. Definitely impressed with the final result.

    Posted on: 27-Nov-2019
  • zahrakarmaoui

    Top! Best service ever!

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    I had no idea how good the cover could look. The job was FANTASTIC! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Seller. His talent is unique and extremely creative. THANK YOU !! I will most definitely use you again!

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2018
  • mostafa79

    All my icons looked great and were made as described. Also made a revision on one icon that I needed changed with no problem. Will use again.

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2018
  • espresion1

    Well-written and researched. Highly recommended :)

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2018
  • miantahir96

    Great job done, highly recommend!

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2018
  • charizardspike

    Great made revisions as much as I needed and great communication

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2018
  • junwon2020

    Amazing service! Faster than expected!

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2018
  • rajatpandit

    Definitely had 100 bots to follow my twitch and put my profile at risk of being banned will not recommend

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2018
  • elimarreyes

    It was a great experiences, focused on results and good experience.

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2018
  • heisenberg1901

    The cards were ultimately delivered as required, but many revisions were also required. Basic comments such as "bold the phone number" were not followed and some sloppy design elements (off center logos for example) were common. After 15 revisions, I got a card that is 95% the way there, and I will adjust the rest myself. I believe my star rating to be very generous for this purchase.

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2018
  • fxartist2019

    Very good would recommend

    Posted on: 21-Jan-2018
  • faisal_shahzad9

    Awesome guy! Taking his job seriously. Will help you in any possible way :) Positive vibes and easy to communicate with. Knows what hes doing

    Posted on: 21-Jan-2018
  • victoriasmiles

    Timely delivery and good work

    Posted on: 21-Jan-2018
  • raja123raja

    Outstanding job! Will hire again!

    Posted on: 18-Jan-2018
  • kevin_la

    very fast and very good,I recommend! :)

    Posted on: 17-Jan-2018
  • annabelallum

    was very cooperative and will work again when I’m ready!

    Posted on: 16-Jan-2018
  • arafa101

    InDesigner was highly professional, communicated promptly and delivered exactly what I wanted.

    Posted on: 15-Jan-2018
  • muzammilhanif


    Posted on: 14-Jan-2018
  • enox44

    The seller uses fake video promotions.

    Posted on: 12-Jan-2018


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