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I will deliver food I can pick up medicines and household supplies

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I can shop for you or pick up laundry meds or household items pay bills

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  • umer662

    Un gran trabajo. Buena comunicación, receptivo con las instrucciones, entrega rápida y buena calidad en los textos. Desde luego que volveré a contratar sus servicios y, por supuesto que lo recomiendo.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • keelean16

    Great job on Google Point Maps. Will use again. Great communication and excellent work!

    Posted on: 18-Oct-2020
  • kmindaugas

    Great Work Thanks

    Posted on: 18-Oct-2020
  • subircoder420

    nice work thanks

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • hamzabhutta392

    Super happy with the project.

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • e0ghan

    I have been talking with her for about a week now. She answered all my questions made be feel comfortable.

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • abdullah_ifrit

    good comunication

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • fox_studio

    Work completed before deadline. Thanks

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • msannah

    Seller is really good, he delivers on time and helps with advice's. I recommend him for your future gig.

    Posted on: 12-Oct-2020
  • mukund1987

    They are fast, very friendly, and if you’re online while they are, you will get 100% communication.

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • lawyerup

    Awesome work, even with the additional "on the fly" adjustments. If you looking for some clean emotes and badges, this is the place. Did I mention, the seller is awesome to work with.

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • adnanroy

    Perfect! Just what I needed. Thank you kindly!

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • freskycs

    Very responsive and kept the time lines. Good job, will definitely order again and highly recommend!

    Posted on: 07-Oct-2020
  • mohiuddin_671

    He offered me a great price. Previous experience in another gig was good.

    Posted on: 04-Oct-2020
  • sidaliza

    She is so awesome and caring! I have a lot of trust in her. I love the communication and the extra help. I’m so grateful to have found her. Give her a chance bc she will not disappoint at all. I highly recommend! Much love to you!

    Posted on: 29-Sep-2020
  • beenishimtiaz

    Excellent work! Quick and very professional. Thank you! Will hire you again.

    Posted on: 26-Sep-2020
  • mrmike36

    great work like always, Mubeen is excellent

    Posted on: 25-Sep-2020
  • phr34k918

    Slight initial misunderstanding regarding the domain, but everything got delivered like agreed.

    Posted on: 24-Sep-2020
  • sophiekarbjins

    I was like the rest, read his review & decided to use his services. I was absolutely glad i did that! I accept the work at 1st delivery without changes. it was as good as gold. thanks!

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • designeramir1

    Extremely proficient. I will come back!!!

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • amigoamiga

    Brought followers to my page.

    Posted on: 17-Sep-2020
  • gavina90

    The seller did a very nice job will most likely use her again.

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • luciaribeiro

    Good service. Very good communication!

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • sales_force

    Great work as always and to a great standard

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • tarekelkholy

    He pretty much was able to create a logo to my satisfaction with only the information that I sent.He fully understood the concept I had in mind.I really like the fact that I didn't have to ask him to change anything! I love my new logo!

    Posted on: 12-Sep-2020
  • softformative

    Seller worked hard to accommodate all our needs. He was friendly, receptive and patient.

    Posted on: 09-Sep-2020
  • popescucatal817

    Great experience, went the extra mile to deliver the project. Back soon. Thanks

    Posted on: 08-Sep-2020
  • andres_demiane

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 07-Sep-2020
  • mazedul_hassan

    What a fantastic graphic designer. I was being picky, and needed multiple revisions, and he quickly came through each time with beautiful work. I highly recommend.

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2020
  • rogue_rip

    Gave all I asked for and more!

    Posted on: 05-Sep-2020
  • yoloforchrist

    She did the job and was open for improvements and revisions

    Posted on: 03-Sep-2020
  • jamcart

    really good coach, learned a lot, good player of course. If u need a good coach take him!!!!

    Posted on: 02-Sep-2020
  • romedev

    Great!! Jean has been very supportive and patient with me.

    Posted on: 01-Sep-2020
  • josua_s

    This artist is so thoughtful and on-the-ball, at this point I can provide broad strokes and know the piece will be terrific.

    Posted on: 31-Aug-2020
  • quadriramaah

    Great job

    Posted on: 31-Aug-2020
  • alexestore

    Turn around time was super fast and tinycheesepuff delivered!! He listened to what we wanted and created a fantastic intro!

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • abrarcreative

    The seller is dedicated to the quality of their work. A+

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • sidrawaleed1

    Great presentation about Corona Virus

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • lukilili

    Amazaing! in less 1 day I have mi store :D

    Posted on: 26-Aug-2020
  • m_asif_jamil

    Communication With Seller

    Posted on: 26-Aug-2020
  • deagenstout

    Shamim, is a really, really good cover designer. His work is always high-quality, and grows on me (I like it even better when I see it later). He is my go-to designer; I really appreciate his work.

    Posted on: 25-Aug-2020
  • jasonwaves

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • abbeycooper

    Great and awesome work

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • nellix_

    Thank you for helping me. I now have it and I appreciate it very much.

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • madosaientisuto

    Thanks for your work

    Posted on: 20-Aug-2020
  • huzaifa101325

    very quick and ultra patient with all the questions I had!

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • muhammad_kashan

    Amazing work from an amazing professional. Highly recommended. Guided me through the entire process and pinpointed things which I would have otherwise never seen myself. A+++

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • gikysound

    Seller was great and very accommodating to my requests and revisions. Will definitely use again!

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • roadrunnersport

    Extremely helpful and is really good at what he does.. thank you!!

    Posted on: 12-Aug-2020
  • shahvaizkhan201

    Very humble very hardworking guy. Very polite as well. Genius at his work.

    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • channel_voice

    Great experience. Very patient.

    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • bpierso

    Profesional. Great work. I will use her again.

    Posted on: 09-Aug-2020
  • summankhan409

    Good result. Good communication.

    Posted on: 02-Aug-2020
  • allisonnields

    Had to dockerize two services. Cloudways88 managed to deliver in two days. Would definitely recommend.

    Posted on: 29-Jul-2020
  • code_bytes

    The seller has helped me a great deal with my project, and I have made significant progress because of her. Thank you for being such a great help. I hope to continue working with you.

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • redhadesigner

    fantastic speed! Great content!

    Posted on: 25-Jul-2020
  • devil_20

    Thank you Robert!

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • maya188

    He has done very well. Will definitely hire him again for sure. Highly appreciated and recommended. Thanks once again for the assistance

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • lunagraphics

    Tooba was very responsive and punctual in delivery the work.

    Posted on: 22-Jul-2020
  • moilmi

    Great job speeding up and optimizing my website! I highly recommend!

    Posted on: 22-Jul-2020
  • oleh_ovsiienko

    really nice work.

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • eniolotero

    wow five starz!

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • orleryinker

    She is a great writer. The copy was great and better than I could have written. I am happy with her communication and the finished product.

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • dalily425

    creating a wordpress site. all working well and I become lots of extra.

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • ayan_3

    Awesome guy, he got a lot of accurate numbers. I am very happy.

    Posted on: 15-Jul-2020
  • juanjbacigalupi

    Good work again.

    Posted on: 13-Jul-2020
  • fabricationfilm

    We communicate as frequently as we can due to time difference and he definitely does his best to make you happy ( as the customer) it is a pleasure to work with him .

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • ewvoices

    great seller, delivered as agreed. good communication. will use again.

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • thundercatcher

    Very helpful and the delivery was fast. I highly recommend he is ready whenever you need help with programming.

    Posted on: 09-Jul-2020
  • chanchalkumar14

    Thank you, very well.

    Posted on: 05-Jul-2020
  • jordiiramirez

    like describef

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • annastacia2495

    Mega Result !

    Posted on: 30-Jun-2020
  • bu2chlc

    Excellent work. Thank you

    Posted on: 29-Jun-2020
  • wp_masum

    Amillaweb, was great to talk to. She was asked to create articles for our website on specific topics. The articles were delivered on time and were written with expected great quality. She was easy to talk to and is committed to guaranteed satisfaction. We will defiantly use her services again for more projects in the future.

    Posted on: 28-Jun-2020
  • engineer_33

    Good Job again

    Posted on: 27-Jun-2020
  • imraan_fankar

    Delivered what was promised. That too before time. I'd recommend using his services.

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • usman_faisal

    Communicated very well even before the sale and a good job. Well done.

    Posted on: 20-Jun-2020
  • ahmedraza0920

    I'm really pleased with the quality (and quantity) of these samples. Great value for the money! And I'm very happy to have found such a wealth of samples already in the exact format I need. I'm buying more!

    Posted on: 19-Jun-2020
  • suraviakter

    Good eBay listing design again. Thank you.

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • amberghori

    Un trabajo increíble, en tiempo récord.

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • greencani

    Very fast work, professional, and easy. Was very surprised at how quickly I received my copy even though it was requested during the holiday season.

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • gabri03

    Quick replies and honest about turn around times. Easy to work with, and responsive. Excellent service. Will ask for help again.

    Posted on: 15-Jun-2020
  • lukesvoiceover

    Extremely happy with great service. Would definitely recommend and Many thanks, a great job and very well done.

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • indrojit300

    Professional work Thank you

    Posted on: 10-Jun-2020
  • leonardo_modena

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 09-Jun-2020
  • kriskorun

    Mein Kollege liebt dieses Logo. Er ist 100% zufrieden. Ich werde bei ihm immer wieder bestellen weil ich die Quallität liebe <3

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • ahmadshaheen66

    Easy breezy! I asked to have a document with 149 lines translated using Google Translate, and I needed it ASAP. it was done as expected in 1.5 hrs. I will use Enegxillic again.

    Posted on: 07-Jun-2020
  • pujadutta

    I was not ready for such a high quality delivery considering my briefing and the needed turn around time and got completely and positively surprised by the outcome. I surely recommend and will use again.

    Posted on: 05-Jun-2020
  • dammy_1

    Thank you so much for very amazing work. Very apreciatable experience to work with this seller. Just amazing and outstanding. Highly recommend.

    Posted on: 03-Jun-2020
  • palashrahap

    As always genisisdesign is FANTASTIC..Hire him for your work!

    Posted on: 02-Jun-2020
  • abdellahazzouzi

    Accommodated very right right deadline. Excellent work. Will hire him again.

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • elis610

    Fast responses. Does what the inscription said.

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • logod3sign_4u

    Thank you for the great work!

    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • sabdel2016

    very fast disavow list to combat toxic links

    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • critera

    good Programmer Thank you I'll buy Again.

    Posted on: 27-May-2020
  • basheer_design

    thanks great seller

    Posted on: 24-May-2020
  • haseebdigi786

    Great thanks a lot

    Posted on: 22-May-2020
  • rushibhattca

    Fast and Easy!

    Posted on: 20-May-2020
  • tiattw


    Posted on: 19-May-2020
  • kudakwashebm

    Very well done. Very responsive and handled revisions professionally. I will likely use again.

    Posted on: 11-May-2020
  • masterdev

    Perfect communication and delivery. Thank you.

    Posted on: 09-May-2020
  • afshorno

    I was looking for website and marketing content to be rewritten and expanded to flow with more clarity for my audience. Kate was quick to respond and delivered ahead of schedule. Well done, Kate!

    Posted on: 09-May-2020
  • mehran2016

    Excellent to work with and great attitude

    Posted on: 08-May-2020
  • vishwesh308

    A bit SLA w with response but attentive and willing to make changes where necessary. I will. Recommend and work with seller again

    Posted on: 08-May-2020
  • ibttihalisrar

    He is enthusiastic and works extra miles to ensure, I'm happy with the results. Well done and highly recommended. Thank you.

    Posted on: 07-May-2020
  • mabdullahr1

    Good work

    Posted on: 06-May-2020
  • freelancer1975

    hard to reach, kept lying about the delivery date, poor quality, I told him it is not what I wanted, he does not care, very disappointed, I gave him lots of extra time , but no, still the same result, I will not hiring him again for sure, wasting my time and money

    Posted on: 05-May-2020
  • waqarhussain24

    Friendly and professional!

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • umersidhu1314

    torrealba_music was AWESOME to work with! Modifications were made easily and efficiently. The final product is very professional and I am excited to work in many projects with him in the near future! Thank you SO much!

    Posted on: 02-May-2020
  • i_m4creative

    Very very good service!

    Posted on: 02-May-2020
  • samfolu_expert

    Yasen was attentive, knowledgable and went the extra mile for me.

    Posted on: 30-Apr-2020
  • kalyar79

    Work was done according to the requirements and accomplished with in given time.

    Posted on: 29-Apr-2020
  • malorie_besecke

    Nick is extremely professional and flexible in his approach. I will sure use Nick's services again in the near future :)

    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • tippingtoast

    Very professional and knowledgable, fast delivery, will work with again and recommend to others

    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • marymedicen


    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • johnyray_20

    One of the best Sellers on Fiver, without a doubt. Always delivers beyond expectation.

    Posted on: 23-Apr-2020
  • warisul

    Various web 2.0 links. Ok, but no indexing service

    Posted on: 22-Apr-2020
  • raxy10

    Love working with Vlad!

    Posted on: 20-Apr-2020
  • pragashjeg

    All professional when it comes to Lonnie. Love his work and will continue to acquire his VO services for my projects.

    Posted on: 19-Apr-2020
  • good___

    Mariale es fantástica. Sus correcciones fueron acertadas y la comunicación, excelente. Estoy muy contenta con el resultado y sé que trabajaremos juntas de nuevo.

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • photoshopbyjack

    Really happy with the results b

    Posted on: 16-Apr-2020
  • primeriz

    Very Satisfied

    Posted on: 10-Apr-2020
  • seo_wordpress2

    fast, communicative, helpful

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • pianistdamla

    Seller was good at communication and did a great job very good to work with would buy again soon! Thanks!

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • muhammad_munib

    Quick response to revisions.

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • rvdesigner

    Again he is very creative, professional and fast turnover. I highly recommend this guy. Once you work with him you will be satisfied with the result.

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • colorclub

    Great seller. Everything came out as expected.

    Posted on: 26-Mar-2020
  • classicbreeze2

    This seller was very easy to work with

    Posted on: 22-Mar-2020
  • pinky1990

    great thanks!

    Posted on: 21-Mar-2020
  • inkheartgraphix

    He has the competencies to handle the assignments I gave him. He did it right and I am pleased

    Posted on: 20-Mar-2020
  • fithanf

    Great job! I had to give mock ups and references but after several revisions without delay and great communication I received what I was looking for.

    Posted on: 19-Mar-2020
  • peter_denial

    Simply amazing. Really know what he is doing. Would recommend Waqar for all the server issues. Thanks for quick help!!

    Posted on: 18-Mar-2020
  • green0200

    As always great in writing naturally and using humor :)

    Posted on: 17-Mar-2020
  • maxininum

    A very professional seller.

    Posted on: 17-Mar-2020
  • ashleyday

    did exactly what I expected!! great work

    Posted on: 16-Mar-2020
  • eugeray

    Great tutor !!!! Helped me pass with a 100 very smart honestly I don’t know how he does it

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • tuomaskatajisto

    Easy to work with, study's your business, and open to your ideas. He is the best! Forget about the rest

    Posted on: 11-Mar-2020
  • medical_writer1

    superb seller.great work.great communication.Will work more

    Posted on: 06-Mar-2020
  • eliglobe

    Haha love it.

    Posted on: 06-Mar-2020
  • deadsinofficial

    Good Work!

    Posted on: 06-Mar-2020
  • maindy

    he seems to be doing above and beyond the work i have asked for...

    Posted on: 29-Feb-2020
  • edgarasbendikas

    Quick respond

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • malikamaanmalik

    Have a nice day, I was very happy with the shopping. When I asked to edit, everything was readily modified. I highly recommend and thank you.

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • tanjimkhan_

    great job

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • patidarshekhar

    Excellent service!

    Posted on: 26-Feb-2020
  • jerkstudio

    The Seller was Fantastic!!!!! Everything and more. The Seller had done an AWESOME job!!!! I definitely and highly recommend this Seller. This Seller definitely pays attention to exactly what you want and more. Thanks a bunch!!!

    Posted on: 25-Feb-2020
  • ginabean1118

    Great and timely communication. He did multiple revisions for me to help me get to where I want to be.

    Posted on: 25-Feb-2020
  • mentarie

    Very nice work

    Posted on: 21-Feb-2020
  • sarmad466

    Great work as always, highly recommended, will use again and again.

    Posted on: 17-Feb-2020
  • prashant09mca

    This dude as awesome yet again! Thanks for the fast turn around and another amazing job.

    Posted on: 16-Feb-2020
  • alekseypet

    she was amazing to work with. great communication and went above and beyond to complete the gig. I will use her again and again

    Posted on: 15-Feb-2020
  • vlogblogcopy

    very smart supermen, good slogan what I want~

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • sonic_web

    Great experience!

    Posted on: 06-Feb-2020
  • datiel12

    Excellent work, and very fast. Will certainly buy this gig again!!

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2020
  • nothing16

    Everything was great !

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2020
  • asradnan

    Very pleased with the artwork!!

    Posted on: 03-Feb-2020
  • arbaaz23

    Jimmy was really patient throughout the whole process. Had to go 4 rounds of revisions but he worked on the requests promptly. He gets you the final result you need !

    Posted on: 31-Jan-2020
  • michcailpusey

    I looking a lot of time for a advertiser that make the job in good price and perfect job,

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • abdelmohaiminra

    eta review text - "Excellent work and Very fast. I highly recommend him, Thank you so much."

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2020
  • haadi_creations

    A lot Design

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2020
  • movski06

    Working with Robbie is a dream - incredible value, superfast turnaround and a complete delight to work with! Thank you, Robbie!

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2020
  • adeelakhawar

    Seller don't follow instructions and and runs quickly to submitting the order before taking into account the buyer's instructions which generates several revision requests on the buyer's side.

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2020
  • prasanji

    SHEER BRILLIANCE.... Thank you!!!

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2020
  • aqsatariq95

    That was excellent work.

    Posted on: 24-Jan-2020
  • lucasbere

    I trust this seller and my expectations were met with high quality.

    Posted on: 22-Jan-2020
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    Perfect job

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  • ehz_design

    Straight fire, recommend 100%

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
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    Good job, the seller was responsive and the tag was pretty professional.

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    Incredibly fast delivery and a quality product!

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    I love your voice

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    Great I love it!

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  • manel3

    great Job. Everything perfect :=)

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • kanchanpathak11

    communication is excellent. It is enough to explain the project once. It delivers the work as soon as possible with excellent results.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • andrewcoverda

    The seller unfortunately did not help me get what I wanted despite a few trials. Good person but not very professional.

    Posted on: 18-Jan-2020
  • norapaige

    Matteo è stato veramente veloce e preciso.

    Posted on: 17-Jan-2020
  • abdenasser

    As always, Anadi DELIVERS great work. This is my third time working with him, and will hire again. Thanks Anadi!

    Posted on: 15-Jan-2020
  • isaac322

    The high-quality videos look excellent and I'm excited to order again soon!

    Posted on: 13-Jan-2020
  • dzinrz

    This seller is superb. I have used him many times and about to get ready to work again with him. Awesome work

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  • codermehedi

    Very good work

    Posted on: 31-Dec-2019
  • mujr1m

    A great pleasure to work with such a person. He is amazingly fast, talented,very organized. Thank you Ash and thank you Taskhelper that you have such a skillfull seller. It is highly recommended to everyone.

    Posted on: 28-Dec-2019
  • immahfuj

    amazing service excellent

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  • hiradnasiri

    very professional

    Posted on: 19-Dec-2019
  • Excellent communication, great attention to detail

    Posted on: 18-Dec-2019
  • mahiramuhtasim

    He got my order wrong 3 times but came back and fixed it every time. It shouldn't have taken 3 times but it got done at least and they communicated effectively.

    Posted on: 16-Dec-2019
  • shopie_soft

    Absolutely perfect! I loved the resume he provided me with.

    Posted on: 12-Dec-2019
  • neetumanral

    Great experience once again. Used the seller a couple of times now.

    Posted on: 09-Dec-2019
  • alex_flyermaker

    I have not got any delivery and he submitted order .. scammer

    Posted on: 09-Dec-2019
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    Excellent - you make really a very good job.

    Posted on: 08-Dec-2019
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    Highly Recommended, very easy to communicate and very knowledgeable with Instagram to grow your brand and IG influence.

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    Excellent communication and flexibility. Quality work!

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    Great work ...well done..

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    Got the job done quickly, exactly as expected.

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    Excellent job!

    Posted on: 26-Nov-2019
  • avoyager

    This is Awesome!

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    Tushi did the work she said she would do and in the time frame. She was communicative during the process. I would use her again,

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  • berniwrites

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    The order process was easy and the interaction was simple. Video turned out to be exactly what we wanted.

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    Great job as usual

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    First time I've used this seller and I'm very happy with the work. It wasn't the easiest of tasks to communicate but the seller understood the brief incredibly well.

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    It was great working with this Taskhelper. I love my captions and will be back for more. Thank you

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    Best forever!!! Always professional!!! Fantastic designer and a great guy. Thank you Bro!

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    Working with aleemali1996 was one of my best Taskhelper experiences! Excellent communication. Quick response. Most importantly he turned a very long rambling bio into a concise eloquent bio. All of the points were maintained. My voice resonates in the copy. I'm thrilled and will use again. Highly recommend.

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    Hands down my favorite seller for image editing. Thank you - again for an amazing job.

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    Wow Thank you very much Iva_Alina. It is exactly what I needed <3 you are so talented. Thank you <3

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    This was absolutely amazing. First Taskhelper order for me. Contacted him/her to ask if my idea is feasible and received a prompt reply with a great consultation. Booked the order, waited a day, and received 3 amazing looking sub badges. If you need sub badges, this is your guy/girl! Got 2 minor changes done through the revisions. Very polite, quick texter with amazing skills. And all this for this price!! 5/5 - super pleased!

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    I tasked the seller with an unusual project for vox. Not a standard VCVCBC style track but a track with multiple sections that could be Chorus or Bridge. The seller did really well with interpreting the flow and did a good job at creating lyrics to flow within the awkward boundaries of the track. Well done. I would look to use this seller again.

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    Looks fantastic! Thanks for listening to my requests for edits.

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    Posted on: 05-Aug-2018
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    5 stars for now, not sure if the traffic was organic but the numbers did go up like advertised. The reason for my comment is that all of the subscribers gained from this gig don't watch any of my new videos so the logic is that if they bother to subscribe that means they are interested in my content, but contrary to the logic ... not even 1 watched any of my new videos. I know this as my 2 new videos at this point in time had 0 views in total 24 hours after they ware made public.

    Posted on: 04-Aug-2018
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    The seller was very responsive and did best to make all revisions requested. However, the designs did not match minimalist luxury design. It seemed that regardless of how many examples that were sent it still did not match what I was requesting. I know intention was well. However, doubt I will be able to use this logo long term for my business needs.

    Posted on: 29-Jul-2018
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    He is very easy to work with and again he provides fast clean and professional service. I have used his services over and over and each time the results have been phenomenal.

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    Posted on: 07-Jul-2018
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    Great job!

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2018
  • einfbits

    Thank you. If I have any comments I will let you know. Sorry. Today it’s been crazy here. We decided to work from home and it’s been a bit disruptive

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2018
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    The opening paragraph stunned me. My eyebrows furrowed and my teeth clenched. I did my best to hold back.........tears. Tears of utter joy that a simple set of sentences could color my life in a way I only held within the imagination. Rainyghost took my boring, mundane, colorless soliloquy and word-wove it into a modern-day Shakesperean TED Talk. To watch one's thoughts be encapsulated in print, with comic nuance, audience-grabs, tension, and riveting reveals is truly amazing. I am so stoked by what rainyghost created. He's turned a lifetime of adventure into a masterpiece of literature. Thank you!

    Posted on: 27-May-2018
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    Simply fantastic, he was really quick to get the job done, he really hit what I wanted. I am very satisfied.

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    It was easy to describe what I wanted (communication was excellent) and OneDayGM's first draft was what I imagined... but better. The final version had wonderful details I wasn't expecting. If you want a battle map that's well worth the money, I can't recommend OneDayGM enough. I will definitely use him again.

    Posted on: 22-May-2018
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    Excellent work from Boris again, really quick in delivery, and helpful in recording guided videos explaining the steps for me to do and the things he's done for me. I'll be using him again, highly recommended!

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  • theseoguru1

    This is the 2nd time I have worked with this seller, and he has always gone above and beyond my expectations! Thanks for being incredibly professional no matter how ridiculous the request - My friends and I are your #1 fans :)

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    Amazing work and very patient with my requests! Always a pleasure to get a song done by Brandon and highly recommend him for all your mixing and mastering!

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    If I could give this developer 100 stars I would , he was confident and delivered way ahead of time so generous

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2018
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    Great work as always.

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    meemgraphiics created exactly what I was looking for and brought it to life! She did an amazing job on my project and was super helpful to work with.

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    Great work and detail. Very pleased with the work. Also very quick with communication too. A+++. Will be sending more gigs his way.

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    Creation of a simple logo - 1 day delivery (faster than expected) nice designs and mockup, was also open to deliver additional resources.

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    Outstanding experience I HIGHLY remanded and want to work again such a professional buyer.

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    Sorry, I got the sheet days ago but I don't know we have to review it until today :P

    Posted on: 10-Jan-2018


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