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I will surely help you in java programming tasks and database integration. I can assist you to fix bugs, revisions as many as you want. No worries if you’re facing problems in a project you’re working on, just describe your problem and leave the rest on me.

Job Reviews
  • thewhizzwriter

    Wow! Amazing work! This seller provides not only a native sounding article, but it's researched a nice amount too. Highly recommended! Will be using again.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • mohsinali666

    Great Work!!

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • johnbatalla07

    His Gig is not cheap compared to other freelancers but I decided to try him since he has accumulated strong experience in SEO links. It turned out he is effective and completed on time, went the extra mile to provide reports, and gave me some advice. The backlinks are high DA. Overall pleasant to deal with. Well-done job Linkbuildingboy!

    Posted on: 14-Oct-2020
  • ugochukwupamela

    Easy, and well explained, lots of insight I didn't know.

    Posted on: 14-Oct-2020
  • tixelxstudio

    As always, nxestack is incredible!

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • gedann

    Amazing work .. pictures came out great

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • shakti_1988

    well done task

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • youmaggei

    Excellent job as always. Good communication, impecable job

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • tonysummers533

    Everything as agreed!

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • sovan84

    Good work.

    Posted on: 07-Oct-2020
  • alizza_mary

    Creative, efficient, attentive to detail. Great job! Thanks, Annie. Very pleased with the video.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • nung_art

    The longer you work on a project the more sight-blind you become of errors and typos. Invest the money into another set of eyes.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • azaanrahman0

    Thank you!

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • camiarzpowerful

    The website looks good hopefully it grows my business

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • somirdebnath1

    Lucy helps us keep on top of our meeting minutes. She takes it off our hands with no special help needed, is up front about her schedule, works quickly, and delivers on time every time. And she is easy to communicate with. I'm grateful for her and feel she's one of the best kept secrets on Taskhelper.

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • kantharsh07

    Great vocal delivery. Very pleased with the work. Thanks a ton Kelby!

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • abdellah97

    Thank you for another great gig.

    Posted on: 29-Sep-2020
  • arghyadey

    Fantastic seller great work will recommend and maybe even use again to make another website thanks

    Posted on: 28-Sep-2020
  • moukhattab

    Continue to do repeat projects with this artist. Truly gifted and professional. Enjoy every experience. Thank you!

    Posted on: 25-Sep-2020
  • odaran

    This writer has a diverse, expansive vocabulary and a strong flair for writing. The variation in services offered is clearly down to natural talent. Strongly recommended if you're looking for any creative writing.

    Posted on: 24-Sep-2020
  • faisalintense

    Exceptional delivery!

    Posted on: 13-Sep-2020
  • hoangle205

    Great work

    Posted on: 12-Sep-2020
  • iresha93

    We asked for an English / Japanese translation for a shooting day in Japan.

    Posted on: 12-Sep-2020
  • mana007

    Great again

    Posted on: 10-Sep-2020
  • tarekelkholy

    Bianka had great ideas and was very helpful. She is also fast and her work is awesome. I highly recommend her.

    Posted on: 09-Sep-2020
  • promotionclue

    Good artist. This is my 4th image. Artist responsive to feedback and quick turnaround.

    Posted on: 04-Sep-2020
  • nabeelahmed956

    Sadi did again an excellent job! Worked very hard, and I'm happy with the quality of work he delivered.

    Posted on: 02-Sep-2020
  • abdullah_butt1

    Very professional and helping, work done perfectly and fast!

    Posted on: 02-Sep-2020
  • yasserkhalil

    He did an amazing job and was very patient with all of my requests and edits. I would highly recommend his work and my website looks great!

    Posted on: 30-Aug-2020
  • ashiknur06

    The tools and guideline is there to enable you to be more productive and be more effective in what you do. Thank you

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • vladnaboka

    Great, as always

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • tiffanyappiah

    He provided a perfect theme song.

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • v3nomxr34

    Amazing, very professional and respects the customers time. Good communication and very clean crisp work. Easy with following instructions for project!

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • mairasheikh93


    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • vinsofficial

    Awesome and quick service!

    Posted on: 25-Aug-2020
  • fredrikmixes

    The best gig I ever got!

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • sobia5399

    Yes , it was quickly and good

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • hamza1765

    Very skilled and got the design straight away

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • asfiidesigner

    very helpful and effcient and always on time

    Posted on: 22-Aug-2020
  • simina176

    Again a beautifull result

    Posted on: 21-Aug-2020
  • maxtrense

    great as always, I will always use

    Posted on: 18-Aug-2020
  • sasindu

    Great job. It come out well

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • mfuller1

    This seller delivers on time and for a great value!

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • nadeem1355

    Excellent work

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • alleague

    Seller was responsive and was quick with updates/changes needed.

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • haptoserve

    Good work i will come back!

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • ramjee55


    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • kamorra

    Very good job

    Posted on: 12-Aug-2020
  • deluxedesigning

    Very winsome work !!!

    Posted on: 12-Aug-2020
  • forumsrus

    Seller was professional, easy to work with, and accommodating to make the necessary changes to ensure our project met requirements! If you looking for some creative Instagram posts, I would definitely recommend!

    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • vblfive

    Thank you! :)

    Posted on: 09-Aug-2020
  • wordpressendgam

    The developer made the bug fix completed in just 2 days!

    Posted on: 08-Aug-2020
  • hasnaaadel

    Perfect thanks

    Posted on: 08-Aug-2020
  • cal_vanart

    The work was very good, but I had to ask a few questions about the order. I got immediate response to each request. All in all very good work.

    Posted on: 01-Aug-2020
  • seoexperience

    Excellent service and communication. Second time working with seller and will work with again on any similar issues!

    Posted on: 26-Jul-2020
  • crummer

    Excellent work as always

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • prasadrp

    Excel Expert. Highly recommended. Thank you

    Posted on: 22-Jul-2020
  • super_shaz

    Highly recommend. Transcribe 10 episodes. Did more than asked and expected.

    Posted on: 21-Jul-2020
  • muhammad_munib

    It was perfect

    Posted on: 21-Jul-2020
  • deskcode3008

    Quick response and 100% perfect communication! Shultz is willing to discuss and do anything I ask.

    Posted on: 21-Jul-2020
  • academia_m

    Did great work efficient and professional.

    Posted on: 20-Jul-2020
  • m_ibrahim10

    Impressive work from the seller. Thank you so much.!

    Posted on: 19-Jul-2020
  • bravo85

    He did exactly what I want and this is the second time with amazing guy and it will not be the last. He is soo professional in his work.

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • creative_girlu

    5 stars - thanks

    Posted on: 11-Jul-2020
  • somirdebnath1

    Seller successfully developed 3D CAD model using the high level description I provided him. Communication was thorough and efficient.

    Posted on: 09-Jul-2020
  • seoexperience

    great work. will order again. thanks

    Posted on: 07-Jul-2020
  • jaiminpandya899

    Excellent job! Two native Italian friends took a look, both said 'very good translation'. Thank you very much, will be back!

    Posted on: 07-Jul-2020
  • mahedihasan5127

    I appreciated you following the documented database table relationships and making revisions when requested. Thank you!

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • usmanakhtarleo

    Thanks so much buddy! You overdelivered!!

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • mahadnasir

    good work again

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • gregjohnsonvoic

    Well done format.

    Posted on: 03-Jul-2020
  • bws1214

    The designer did an amazing job

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • rajsportsyard

    The seller was super communicative and very open to feedback!

    Posted on: 26-Jun-2020
  • tamimitalha

    good and paprmanent

    Posted on: 24-Jun-2020
  • buttabrocka

    excellent job ... fantastic person

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • umcararealista

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 21-Jun-2020
  • designz_geek

    Such a nice guy to work with. He is ready to extra mile to the done with unlimited reviews. I am starting a new project with him already.

    Posted on: 21-Jun-2020
  • nizngr

    Was able to make a logo that was on par with the content! Very creative and simple! Thanks!

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • kevinwaringa

    Amazing work

    Posted on: 16-Jun-2020
  • kaushiksorthiya

    Good job, thanks!

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • jutsinclolins

    Waooooooo, to be honest, I am very very impressed with the job done by this seller, so far over my expectation.... Very honest guy, good communication and very good English skill. Very good job pulasthib!!!

    Posted on: 11-Jun-2020
  • ansarshareef

    I'm blown away by how fast and how great the work is for what we needed. We'll be back for sure!!!

    Posted on: 11-Jun-2020
  • hstoyanov

    Great work - thanks!

    Posted on: 10-Jun-2020
  • microperts_

    Perfect communication nice work

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • darshanaswarna

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • alexted

    Seller did a really good job!

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • onlinehelfer

    Great service! Highly recommend.

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • rbbathinda

    Very professional and professional. Great to be working with!

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • piero09

    Outstanding Great Gig

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • g_giulio

    Great! Mayanks is always very thorough and flexible with requests!

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • matteopisano

    Great job done! Important to communicate clearly due to language barriers. Other than that amazing poster!

    Posted on: 02-Jun-2020
  • wajeehassan636

    Awesome job. Very very please

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • usman_faisal

    As always Mr. Mubariks work is exemplary. I always come back to him for his service.

    Posted on: 27-May-2020
  • tahlatwork

    this is second time working with bilal-175, great ans simple work ,

    Posted on: 27-May-2020
  • bahar95

    Great work.

    Posted on: 26-May-2020
  • tpstudio

    even better than the original set up

    Posted on: 25-May-2020
  • architect_g

    I provided the seller with minimal info and he done a great job. No problems and he was happy to make updates for me

    Posted on: 22-May-2020
  • muddasar84

    he's always really helpful

    Posted on: 22-May-2020
  • alexanderl4

    Eagerly waiting for results

    Posted on: 21-May-2020
  • mhean_25

    He id everything in hos power to help and resolve all issues. Very recommended

    Posted on: 21-May-2020
  • pappan123

    Great seller matched my price, delivered what I asked in a timely manner. Will use again :)

    Posted on: 15-May-2020
  • hardtogostudios

    This seller is great! He is a fast, reliable, and understands feedback very well. I look forward to more gigs with this seller.

    Posted on: 12-May-2020
  • joshuajmaier


    Posted on: 10-May-2020
  • toxtox

    Excellent work.

    Posted on: 09-May-2020
  • rufaylwasim

    Amazing work! we absolutely love it!.i choose this seller because of the great reviews, and they were communicative and easy to work with, great at incorporating feedback! he takes very good care of his clients and makes sure you’re 100% satisfied. I recommend him 100%. Great job!

    Posted on: 08-May-2020
  • jjgraphic

    Super happy with my new app. Getting more work done from him right now :)

    Posted on: 05-May-2020
  • veramonika

    Thank you so much for this article! I provided references to give him examples of what I was looking for in an article and he nailed it. Very well-written. It's always refreshing to come across someone who actually is a good writer and just doesn't claim to be in their description profile. It is also plagiarism-free (due to past experience with some Taskhelper writers, I had to develop my own tedious way of checking for plagiarism). Thank you!

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • cristiba

    Easy to work with, great sketches

    Posted on: 29-Apr-2020
  • kejan98

    Great work as always

    Posted on: 27-Apr-2020
  • etshmgnta

    great work

    Posted on: 21-Apr-2020
  • jenischaudhary

    Seller was very responsive.

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • aliffitra

    Thank you very much!

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • bibek_rasaili

    Can't give this seller anything less than 5 stars. Always a pleasure Sir.

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • sheikh_taseen

    seller was very quick with delivery. high quality work

    Posted on: 14-Apr-2020
  • maheemchou

    I was very pleased and impressed with his work! No stress followed instructions well and delivered a well-written article timely. I look forward to working with him again. Thank you very much!!

    Posted on: 13-Apr-2020
  • harry_edworthy

    very helpful and professional

    Posted on: 13-Apr-2020
  • harvey_wesley

    lokmanshekh is excellent and fast. Have worked with him a long time and hes always very good.

    Posted on: 12-Apr-2020
  • graphicpusher

    Awesome thank you I will!

    Posted on: 11-Apr-2020
  • freskycs

    seller is very responsive and very recommended, Good job. Thanks!

    Posted on: 11-Apr-2020
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    Very wonderful and quick work. Thank you so much!

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  • anoy_20

    Muy profesional, muy rápida y entrega excelentes trabajos.

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • audreymcd

    This is my second time buying from him. Very happy with both pieces

    Posted on: 08-Apr-2020
  • liisvoice

    Thank you.

    Posted on: 06-Apr-2020
  • giovannicont510

    Very fast delivery! Amazing communication and very knowledgeable about the services he offers. He answered all my questions and provided me with 2 in-depth videos to help me navigate through my new site! Don’t hesitate and purchase! Amazing seller

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • alex_lofig

    It was such a pleasure working with meemgraphics, she was there for me every step of the way. Her communication was excellent and followed directions exceptionally.

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • muammarghifari

    Super skilled, fast and with great communication, highly recommended, hiring them for more continuous work :)

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
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    Great seller thank you very much. I hope to work with him again!

    Posted on: 28-Mar-2020
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    Very good job

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • alifahad132

    Vegatext is a top professional. We are very satisfied with his quick and professional results. Thank you very much, Vegatext, for your support!

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • ahmad_rafiq

    Fantastic work with great attention to detail. Great communication, and does exactly what is asked. Very happy to continue working on more projects.

    Posted on: 25-Mar-2020
  • chris_133

    This seller is fantastic! Her work exceeded my expectations and the delivery was even six days earlier than planned. The Mandarin to English translation is perfectly readable. This was a big job (35,000 words) and the seller did an excellent job in a timely fashion. I give my highest recommendation.

    Posted on: 18-Mar-2020
  • haris_akj

    Fernanda is my go to for all my word document form creation and pdf form creation. She is easy to communicate with and is very professional and always has my work done before the job due date.

    Posted on: 18-Mar-2020
  • tao_bt

    great professional and on time/ early delivery

    Posted on: 17-Mar-2020
  • elantratech

    Great work ... definitely would recommend this service

    Posted on: 16-Mar-2020
  • stellaelite

    Spot on work everytime!

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2020
  • connor_kazie

    An absolute pleasure working with Abbie and co. The pictures were exactly as requested and more! They're amazing, Abbie understood my requirements and delivered as requested. I couldn't be happier. A great job done! Communicated well and throughout and delivered very quickly.

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • nelsononline

    Very pleased with this seller!!! Great work and very timely!

    Posted on: 11-Mar-2020
  • rd_sajib

    Seller was extremely prompt and product is fantastic. Quick to make any revisions or in our case gave us options to pick the best logo for our taste. Communication was very fast. Couldn't be happier with the whole transaction.

    Posted on: 08-Mar-2020
  • mushiii

    Great job! Awesome designer!

    Posted on: 05-Mar-2020
  • genius0077

    Very patient, very understanding, and very professional! I will definitely utilize the services from now and forever more! Grateful for the connection!

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    Fantastic experience! Very responsive and quick delivery! Highly recommend!

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    Sarah was amazing! She understood what I wanted and made it happen. Very pleased with the end result. Will definitely recommend and use again!

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
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    Excellent to work with, amazing as always!

    Posted on: 26-Feb-2020
  • bushramalik59

    Amazing and very helpful.

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • webdigix

    GREAT experience. Fantastic communication, and the seller went over and above by recording training/tutorial videos on everything he setup. Very pleased with the final result of the project. I would highly recommend working with this seller!

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • arslanmujahid

    It was great to discuss my goals with someone that understands what it takes to achieve them. Mike is very knowledgeable in the field of business and online marketing. This is a great gig for someone new to digital marketing. He'll share lots of great ideas with you and help you get started on the right track.

    Posted on: 21-Feb-2020
  • galeekhau

    Amazing level of detail with animation and effects

    Posted on: 21-Feb-2020
  • data_expert5222

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    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
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    She is blessed. Simply the best

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    First project with seller and it turns out successful. Great communication and answers all questions politely. Next order in the making... Thanks

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    Posted on: 17-Feb-2020
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    I will definitely order from this writer again. He delivered a very entertaining short story with the exact ideas I asked for. Thank you, Great work.

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  • dj_golddust

    Loved working to get this intro complete. Timing was good, communication was excellent and able to accommodate all my needs. Would highly recommend and I am already working on the next project!

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    Awesome fast delivery thank you

    Posted on: 07-Feb-2020
  • aminebadri675

    good job! thanks

    Posted on: 05-Feb-2020
  • bestman07

    Cheap for the number of sheets - but not that fantastic, lacking instructions - and because the content of each activity stretches all the way to the corners of the page, when you print - it messes things up, or misses things around.

    Posted on: 05-Feb-2020
  • ecomexperta

    Very responsive and delivered quickly! Great artwork too :)

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2020
  • girodeli

    Great professional work Malek did I highly recommend his service and I will be using it more! thank you.

    Posted on: 03-Feb-2020
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    Amazing! Super fast turnaround and did exactly what I needed. Thank you so much

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    Great work !!!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
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    Attention to detail, made sure to use elements from other artwork that I had. Made all the changes I wanted very quickly. Would recommend!

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    Posted on: 05-Jan-2020
  • samiolsanny

    Thank you.

    Posted on: 02-Jan-2020
  • tizenn

    he struggled with English spelling. the finished product was not an improvement on the example I provided

    Posted on: 02-Jan-2020
  • redammar

    Amazing thank you so much very quick results on my channel again thank you cant wait for my next order that I have placed the next day with this seller :D

    Posted on: 01-Jan-2020
  • maulikgoyani

    Great transaction

    Posted on: 31-Dec-2019
  • ani_mikie

    Got what I wanted and the man tried hard to understand what I wanted, would love to work with him again. Thanks a lot.

    Posted on: 30-Dec-2019
  • andrewhelbig

    GREAT WORK. Very thorough. I'm not tech savvy but I believe that everything he did optimizes the search. I'm sending him my next website to do. Thank you very much! Incredible job!

    Posted on: 25-Dec-2019
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    Great work as always!

    Posted on: 22-Dec-2019
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    Very quick! Great communication! Definitely recommend!

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