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I will create whiteboard animation and explainer videos

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Hey! I am hither as a helping hand for you all to tell how you can make professional Animated doodling to put up for sale,professional one would increase your product quality in market and in the circle of users. Why me? I am interested to make such videos and help others in this matter as well to make them professional for upcoming market points.I make you assure after developing such skill(Animation doodling) you would be the best one for your own company and for others too as I always used to create for my own firm.

Job Reviews
  • vbatra

    Awesome person to work with.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • magnust

    Everything we expected was fulfilled!! I like this guy

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • tairen10

    Very good man to work with

    Posted on: 18-Oct-2020
  • donnaa2365

    Always great to work with

    Posted on: 14-Oct-2020
  • guruoatpress

    Great work, would love to use again!

    Posted on: 13-Oct-2020
  • tim_the_tutor

    Timely delivery of project.

    Posted on: 13-Oct-2020
  • hira_y

    I had a great experience and he did everything I asked in a timely manner I would definitely recommend

    Posted on: 13-Oct-2020
  • bristyr

    Thank you a lot for your help and for your patience

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • taimursaeed

    Everything was done in a real professional manner. There were never any questions form me that were not answered in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend him to all my clients who are needing services that he provides.

    Posted on: 10-Oct-2020
  • subrussian

    Very happy with the service provided, the migration was done quickly and professionally.

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • effici

    Thanks My man for your work :) I think we can try the next work in the future : )

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • umarhayat890

    Wow very professional seller, i reccomend it. The video he made is how i wanted. Love it, thanks a lot man.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • gianna06

    A pleasure working with!

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • talalmir

    This seller did an amazing job capturing exactly what I wanted, even though I am VERY particular. Quick, professional, AWESOME!

    Posted on: 04-Oct-2020
  • anis123ahmad

    Well presented plan

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • rishabh_tripath

    Awesome! Awesome story! Insanely creative, very imaginative and laced with subtle humour. I ordered it 3 days back and to get such a high quality of work back in such a short period of time is fantastic! Definitely worth doing! Thanks for the story man!

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • samah28

    Like always, GREAT!

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • sasniandika

    She's a superstar. Always goes above and beyond. I'm taking her with me when my empire is ready to hire all women!

    Posted on: 01-Oct-2020
  • dirtybirdie

    Excellent Work! Very Happy will be using again and again

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • theloneranger12

    Another great job done quickly!

    Posted on: 26-Sep-2020
  • thebitcoinpro

    fast service.

    Posted on: 25-Sep-2020
  • tubanasir

    Great communication and great deal to the work.

    Posted on: 23-Sep-2020
  • moorerita

    Good design and listening

    Posted on: 22-Sep-2020
  • bws1214

    Very detailed articles and always on time with delivery. Great work

    Posted on: 21-Sep-2020
  • technion_eng

    Great job, happy customer :)

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • aditya0045

    Great seller. Fast responses and overall great quality of work, especially for the price. I will be using them again soon!

    Posted on: 19-Sep-2020
  • code_it_

    great service and very understandable seller....i would definetly order again

    Posted on: 17-Sep-2020
  • ann1232

    I would work with him again! Amazing work!

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • studio_pink

    Absolutely fantastic design -- thank you Abid Ali! It was better than I had expected, and better than other suppliers.

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • anikantim

    Great, thank you!

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • mattbilleciart

    Very good, Did revisions as asked and the final product was great

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • seokeywordguy

    very fast delivery

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • adam_cove

    An absolute pleasure to work with. I think she did a incredible job that is second to none. Communication, professionalism and knowledge are superior.

    Posted on: 11-Sep-2020
  • sahibzada18

    Seller was great, I just needed to be clear about our exact needs.

    Posted on: 11-Sep-2020
  • amzprode

    very supportive seller and amazing outcome.

    Posted on: 08-Sep-2020
  • rakshinda_zaman

    Awesome work, very pleased!

    Posted on: 07-Sep-2020
  • alaminislam7

    Top quality work with a professional and fast service. Recommended!

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2020
  • clippingexprt

    Awesome! Very direct and super fast to get the project done!

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2020
  • mamun02090

    Thank you!

    Posted on: 30-Aug-2020
  • ronny_h

    bdun08’s critique exhibited a sharp analytical mind. Her insightful observations illuminated issues in my work that needed revision but had eluded my analysis.

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • ammar_11

    She did a detailed and excellent job as expected. One of the best resume and cover letter writers on Taskhelper any day any time

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • amzsolution

    He did a great job and was beyond thorough. Much appreciated.

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • tainat_mia

    I am very satisfied with the design made by Keshav. He really went above and beyond, flawless service. The communication went very well and Keshav incorporated very well all my requirements. I look forward to working with him really soon, thank you very much! :)

    Posted on: 26-Aug-2020
  • yassinecharik1

    Fantastic experience working with this seller, he managed to bring all my initial ideas to life and the graphic work was exceptional.

    Posted on: 26-Aug-2020
  • ipseacs

    3rd gig successfully completed and just as fantastic as the first.

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • sathishcha

    Great experience

    Posted on: 22-Aug-2020
  • hardikchitroda

    Great service

    Posted on: 19-Aug-2020
  • snappypoet

    Awesome experience

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • artificialintel

    Great experience. Her video allowed me to experience my website as my customer and opened my eyes I hadn’t realized. The video playback of her reviewing my website made all the difference, and I wouldn’t have understood some of the issues without it. I will use her again

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • gigestter


    Posted on: 15-Aug-2020
  • saddam11111


    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • momena_aamir

    I am happy with the final results, engaging video within no time. Will place another order soon.

    Posted on: 12-Aug-2020
  • umitengiz

    Excellent seller, prompt response and highly recommended.

    Posted on: 11-Aug-2020
  • hinakhan000

    This seller was faaaaast. thank you

    Posted on: 11-Aug-2020
  • charcoalnoor

    He did an amazing job. I will definitely work with him again.

    Posted on: 09-Aug-2020
  • techcodes

    Super Fast... highly recommended Very Prompt resolving issues.

    Posted on: 07-Aug-2020
  • sbaba2220

    Very easy to work with, great communication and made revisions when requested. I requested the files at 48kHz and 24bits - I received them at 48kHz but only 16bits. The recordings were a bit noisy (quite a bit of hiss) and boxy sounding but otherwise the takes were pretty much as expected.

    Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
  • cobcreative

    Great to work with. Very fast and delivered exactly what I wanted

    Posted on: 05-Aug-2020
  • medical_writer1

    Fast, reliable and does good work!

    Posted on: 31-Jul-2020
  • macsbl

    Very beautiful vocals and creativity. I will definitely work with colombsmi again. Thank you.

    Posted on: 29-Jul-2020
  • hudaqureshi

    I am very impressed with Candice's professionalism, high standard and fantastic result. Brilliant work and great communication during the project :)

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • jahangir87

    Fantastic experience, took time to understand my needs and provided exactly what he promised.

    Posted on: 23-Jul-2020
  • bonirin

    Awais was great to work with. I will definitely work with him again. Many thanks

    Posted on: 20-Jul-2020
  • sneh11

    Great communication!

    Posted on: 20-Jul-2020
  • jibran5585

    Amazing work and service! It was great working with him, he is patient and really works with you to accurately portray your vision. I would use him again for future photoshop projects

    Posted on: 19-Jul-2020
  • ahymntohumanity

    This seller/artist was easy to work with, took my ideas and revisions seriously and delivered a great work product on time. Thanks, Hockney!

    Posted on: 18-Jul-2020
  • gsingh1210

    Wajid is a professional, quick, knowledgeable and a real problem solver. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Posted on: 18-Jul-2020
  • developx

    Enjoyed working with Sara. Very professional and designs beautiful artwork. looking forward to work with Sara on managing our Facebook campaign for 30 days and to carry on collaborating

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • garydubbbz

    Delivered very quickly once again and understood perfectly just what the song needed!

    Posted on: 14-Jul-2020
  • jbalogh

    Thanks again Vlad. I'll be back.

    Posted on: 13-Jul-2020
  • zequenory

    love it!!!! she gives me a big help!!

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • krunaldev

    He did a great job with what I asked, my friend is very pleased with the result. 100% recommend :)

    Posted on: 08-Jul-2020
  • mahmud77

    Chris is fantastic to work with! He worked with me through the minor details to really make sure we had the character down. And nailed it. I will 10000% use Chris again.

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • basitdev

    Great work as always, thank you.

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • amphibianconslt

    Thanks for the great service!

    Posted on: 02-Jul-2020
  • andreamurga

    Good quality work.

    Posted on: 02-Jul-2020
  • kennethwmusic

    Excellent Job!

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • faizanpanhwe823

    great job received it quick!

    Posted on: 28-Jun-2020
  • ewaithaka

    Incredibly skilled and great communication!

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • absarahmed15

    Very satisfied with the delivery.

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • dom9046

    Very Satisfied :)

    Posted on: 21-Jun-2020
  • abdulsamad688

    Abd was great! I look forward to having him work on my other sites as well. Thanks!

    Posted on: 20-Jun-2020
  • skiptrace

    I was satisfied with this seller! He was very patient with me and was determined to please. I would highly recommend him.

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • ardhifauzi

    This guy deserves an Oscar ;)

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • devfior

    Really like it !!!! Thanks Gafura

    Posted on: 17-Jun-2020
  • woahitsinna

    professional work super fast delivery high recommendation

    Posted on: 15-Jun-2020
  • stlaurenzairkor

    Thanks for the help.

    Posted on: 15-Jun-2020
  • mashooqahmed

    Rahul is back after his medical problem. He is back in action.

    Posted on: 15-Jun-2020
  • ibevilacqua

    Excellent developer! Recommended

    Posted on: 14-Jun-2020
  • sotomusic

    Great work. I will buy again soon. Highly recommended for others!

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • dazzling_rai

    Quick responses to questions, honest about what the service would cover, quick service.

    Posted on: 11-Jun-2020
  • tylerdumoulin

    perfect job

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • farizsidik_

    Awesome thanks

    Posted on: 07-Jun-2020
  • edonaishere

    Amazingly beautiful. ~Thank you

    Posted on: 06-Jun-2020
  • ryanbrown4

    I was really impressed by the number of good quality publications this GIG provided to my site. My Expectations has been exceeded, sales was delivered, will definitely use this provider again! highly recommended.

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • redition

    FANTASTIC!!! Every wish or tweak I asked for was cheerfully made, and the design is gorgeous! I would use this seller for every design need! So very thrilled with his work!

    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • dahlia_silvers

    Good work.

    Posted on: 30-May-2020
  • paulettecastroe

    It was nice working with him, had very good communication and was able to get the job done. Although some quotes did not make any sense, he added extras (about 400) that did help.

    Posted on: 28-May-2020
  • purnabiswash007

    Good communication, and excellent final product.

    Posted on: 25-May-2020
  • zohaibhassan36

    Great product and customer service through the whole process, and the final product looks great!!

    Posted on: 25-May-2020
  • bilalthoughts

    Excellent and quick delivery.

    Posted on: 24-May-2020
  • jangogfx

    Mr. Erik delivered the material in a professional manner with consistent communication. I will work with him again. He understood the brief and constructed an appropriate template to present the data in a logical manner. Thank, Erik!

    Posted on: 23-May-2020
  • augustoramirez

    Very good to work with and very good.

    Posted on: 21-May-2020
  • ebookformat

    Fantastic work! Seller also communicates very well. Recommended!

    Posted on: 17-May-2020
  • lenashakurova

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 16-May-2020
  • anjali009

    Quality work and delivery.

    Posted on: 16-May-2020
  • dilhan88

    excellent service

    Posted on: 14-May-2020
  • safiullah145

    Thanks again.

    Posted on: 10-May-2020
  • amirhossein14

    Did exactly what I asked in good time... I could see 80% results on day 1. Absolutely recommended.

    Posted on: 07-May-2020
  • khansajutt

    Good experience. I would work with this seller again.

    Posted on: 05-May-2020
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    Posted on: 04-May-2020
  • sadarkhan

    Great work, lightning fast delivery. Looking forward doing business with you again sir. All the best to you and your family!

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
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    Posted on: 03-May-2020
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    Super professional and committed. Thanks a lot.

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
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    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • foodfoodies

    Sarah was professional and timely. Her feedback was as promised and helpful.

    Posted on: 29-Apr-2020
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    Hashem and his team did a great job for us taking our initial design and bringing it to life. The creative design team did excellent sketches for some graphics we needed as well as create a simplified location map to go on the final design.

    Posted on: 27-Apr-2020
  • ms_potato

    Fast delivery.

    Posted on: 22-Apr-2020
  • moazzam_naeem

    Great service, professional and very quick.

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    He is just incredible! More than I ever imagine. I will definitely come back for more. Highly recommend!

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    This is the first time that I have used this seller - prices were reasonable and I was happy with the information produced.

    Posted on: 20-Apr-2020
  • mahawriter12

    $25 package (detail oriented): Catalinacucu did above and beyond the call of duty, I am very satisfied and happy with the work he has done. I will most definitely use him again, the assets he has created for me is absolutely amazing!

    Posted on: 19-Apr-2020
  • carvetteee

    Great job, well done on a timely manner

    Posted on: 19-Apr-2020
  • mdhaseebali

    Made some page speed adjustment. Fast delivery. greetings from Holland.

    Posted on: 19-Apr-2020
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    I have worked with this seller twice and I am very happy with the quality of work and professionalism.

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    Posted on: 11-Apr-2020
  • alibinyounas1

    Vlassenkovlad has a nice sense. Actually I ordered the video to him twice now. and I'm really certified with both videos. I will definitely continue with him to edit videos. thank you so much! I strongly recommend him to do the job cool and faster!

    Posted on: 10-Apr-2020
  • arzvel

    Great communication and made sure we received what we asked for. Will be using this freelancer again.

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • semtxz

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    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
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    very attentive to our needs. extremely professional would use again and again. really is a great guy and knows what he is doing. Thank you again my friend!

    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
  • designnoww

    Thank you! Work looks amazing

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • tutornancy

    Good seller.... easy to work with

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  • ar_prographics

    Outstanding Work As Usual!

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  • sheharbano983

    Great experience. Only needed one revision and that was because I changed my mind on the flickering effect. He delivered and met our expectations.Jaronec was a pleasure to work with! Will be using in the future when needed.

    Posted on: 29-Feb-2020
  • coltish86

    Rajdikshi is on my list for repeat business. I don't know how he did this with all of the contacts and emails that I need but he is my go-to-guy from now on.

    Posted on: 27-Feb-2020
  • yellow_bucket

    Felt rushed and less focused on the details this time

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • m_kamran5

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  • lucaaaz

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    I went in to this not knowing at all what I wanted, but she reached into my head and snatched the perfect idea! She knows what she's doing. Highly recommend!!

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    It was great working with Sonu. He did a great job. I will hire him again for future projects. Thanks

    Posted on: 02-Mar-2018
  • donna_co

    excelente trabajo

    Posted on: 25-Feb-2018
  • creative1_amz

    Excellent work, he needed to be pushed a tiny bit to sort the task out, but he did a fantastic job and helped me solve something I was stuck on for a week. Brilliant guy.

    Posted on: 25-Feb-2018
  • virtualcustoms

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    Did a fantastic job!

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    Amazing job. This person is the best on Taskhelper

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  • ranson2005

    Nadim has done many jobs for me over the past few years. His work is always of excellent quality, and communication is clear and honest. This particular job was to isolate over 800 photos and Nadim followed the detailed instructions very accurately, delivering the work with no revisions required at all! Thanks for your great work Nadim... will definitely continue to hire you for future jobs, especially as you offer fair prices for the work! :O)

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2018
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    This is my second time to work with this designer. Good experience both times. Will be back.

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    He followed up on all my questions and was very professional in his job. Thank you!

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    Excellent work as usual

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    Received music back in one day. Great communication from seller, and I hope to work with him again. Keep it up!

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    As always! 3rd project and the seller exceeds!

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2018
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    Great to work with! Very smooth Seller.

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    Order delivered timely and Sanjeev was helpful. Fixed my small Squarespace CSS swiftly, thanks Sanjeev! The communication was great also.

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    Posted on: 31-Jan-2018
  • gillyannlim

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2018
  • muqaddus

    Such a beautiful reading. I wanted to know about my Future twin-flame, but ended up being more about me. It was what i needed to hear as you brought up problems i am and have been dealing with. Thank you Fred!

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2018
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    Great result communication and service. Will hire again

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