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Hi there, I will Make 3D custom Logo animation as per your requirements and as per your storyboard.

Job Reviews
  • jpbravomalo

    As always very good hearted and kind person to work with...!!!

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • thebranddxb

    Great job

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • paulinbkk

    Good listener great partner to work with 4th time coming to this guy!

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • piotr_tech

    easy and good

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • ajordaz

    Very good to work with..

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • joneslyrics

    great to be working with

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • deeya_b1997

    Thank you, rachellesass89, I am fully satisfied with your service, the products are fine, all in all it was an excellent experience to order and have the gig fulfilled by you! Stay healthy, best wishes.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • chirshadali

    Very easy to work with.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • chriswhitevoice

    Excellent Service, As Always :-)

    Posted on: 19-Oct-2020
  • amztec_109963

    The second time I've worked with this seller and I will DEFINITELY be back for more! Excellent designs, took my ideas and made them look incredible, even adding ideas of their own. I'm very happy and will be back for more.

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • pesanduranpul

    Great work! Second job handed over to him in 24hrs and after delivering the first task within minutes, the second one also didn't take more than 3 hours.

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • m3ntss

    Excellent Work! Great communication and quick turn around! very satisfied :)

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • almond_skylar

    very knowledgeable, patient, and on time.

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • andrwebjrnsen

    quick delivery and working as expected

    Posted on: 14-Oct-2020
  • farazkhuwaja17

    We've used Leonard several times over the years and we keep coming back to him. Great service, great results, and we recommend him highly.

    Posted on: 14-Oct-2020
  • joshbarsell

    Fast communication, nice work

    Posted on: 13-Oct-2020
  • kibrea

    She was able to answer my questions and am very happy with her work. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you!

    Posted on: 12-Oct-2020
  • amelyy

    Doing very good job

    Posted on: 12-Oct-2020
  • zaintechnology

    Amazing work. Able to complete quickly and made changes when need. would love to work with again. Great Job!!!

    Posted on: 10-Oct-2020
  • linkbuildingboy

    No Recommend!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on: 10-Oct-2020
  • harshchhaparwal

    Absolutely fantastic tutoring. Helped me learn some basic French in a single session. Would HIGHLY recommend

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • rajesh_pradhan

    Amazing. Fast worker. Great communication.

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • brunobattista

    The Seller was great.

    Posted on: 08-Oct-2020
  • seo_citations9

    That one was tough, but thanks for your work. :)

    Posted on: 07-Oct-2020
  • thesmarthiking


    Posted on: 06-Oct-2020
  • clariee

    Absolutely amazing voice over :) Did two projects with this seller and he has done amazing job in both :) Surely a must recommended.

    Posted on: 05-Oct-2020
  • violentpurr

    Perfectly done!

    Posted on: 04-Oct-2020
  • ccheton

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • matteoelk

    I was looking for some JS work and he responded to my gig.

    Posted on: 03-Oct-2020
  • kosala111

    Excellent work

    Posted on: 02-Oct-2020
  • haeliya

    Did a very great job with my resume, he listened to all of my requests. The resume looks amazing and couldnt have asked for more! would recommend

    Posted on: 30-Sep-2020
  • embroiderybd

    great work

    Posted on: 29-Sep-2020
  • mycellspayingme

    Thanks for such a quick turnaround.

    Posted on: 29-Sep-2020
  • ashbechi

    Excellent work!

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • bijoy31

    Awesome fast service my 2nd order and no doubt I'll be back!! Thank you!

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • tessacreative

    An overall great experience! We love the design and medi_design provided incredible revisions, taking note of what our end goal was.

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • ethanq21

    What a great content writer. He definitely does his research. I'm often surprised at some of the information he digs up.

    Posted on: 26-Sep-2020
  • sukeshk

    Amazingly quick delivery of the gig, would use again for sure

    Posted on: 25-Sep-2020
  • design_code_lab


    Posted on: 22-Sep-2020
  • pisaca

    I asked for a more complicated editing project and he did great! He showed initiative and offered suggestions. Easy to work with and I am happy with the results.

    Posted on: 21-Sep-2020
  • michxlleedits

    Great working with!! Communicated well and love my design!! Definitely recommend!!

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • hasanmia69

    Awesome and timely experience!

    Posted on: 18-Sep-2020
  • hoque_zaki

    I love the delivery and excellent seller, thank you so much

    Posted on: 17-Sep-2020
  • alimurtaza2

    These guys are a delight to work with, always deliver and easy to communicate with.

    Posted on: 16-Sep-2020
  • hanlibonbon

    I love it. The music is energetic and lively. The Seller is very talented and I would definitely buy again. Loving the music, it spits fire.

    Posted on: 16-Sep-2020
  • nurhidayatjati

    The server was very cooperative and helpful.

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • pdell123

    Greate service!

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2020
  • sharonvodki

    Great Job!

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • aags1989

    Very fast and looks exactly like my cats!

    Posted on: 08-Sep-2020
  • vanishonko

    Expedited service and executed well.

    Posted on: 07-Sep-2020
  • sumi313343

    Absolutely amazing work

    Posted on: 05-Sep-2020
  • zorans

    Great working with Faisal. Offered advice as well as working to brief. Would use again.

    Posted on: 04-Sep-2020
  • lillian_scripts

    Working with Colormatics was amazing. They are incredibly talented. 100% recommend.

    Posted on: 03-Sep-2020
  • haroonahmed97

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 02-Sep-2020
  • schef02

    very quick and professional

    Posted on: 31-Aug-2020
  • developer_aree

    I like everythin this man ia Serious ersorn he is very fast L like work with him and he give extra thanks Bro, i appreciate your work keep it like that

    Posted on: 30-Aug-2020
  • chayandas724

    He was very quick to respond and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. The service was a good value, highly recommended.

    Posted on: 30-Aug-2020
  • gelpoe

    thank u very much

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • ruxistefeliga

    Unbelievable talent. 100% would recommend. Very meticulous artist. I'm thankful I put my business design in her hands. Don't think twice, look no further, just choose her!!!

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • dee_studio

    Multi dimensional guru, can handle anything, from designs to marketing and worldwide promotion. Great services, thank you..

    Posted on: 25-Aug-2020
  • ayesha_resume

    Great Support

    Posted on: 25-Aug-2020
  • kingsriviere

    Very helpful in an ongoing pixel game project. Will continue working with dubdisk!

    Posted on: 23-Aug-2020
  • inquisa

    Nice job. Will buy again

    Posted on: 21-Aug-2020
  • venom_denim

    Talented and easy to work with!

    Posted on: 20-Aug-2020
  • scottyluminati

    I have experience working with this seller, and always has been delivered the proper work, easy understanding, and commit to deadlines. Recommend it

    Posted on: 19-Aug-2020
  • asad_gujjar

    Mindblowing competency!! A great gig which I'm sure to reorder for all my Wordpress Genesis and Divi issues!

    Posted on: 19-Aug-2020
  • kelvvv___

    Le prestataire est très a l'écoute et rapide ce que je trouve formidable surtout d'avoir fait ma commande un week-end !

    Posted on: 18-Aug-2020
  • steph6535

    wow, you are officially on my A list.

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • mmolle10

    Love this artist I would definitely recommend them

    Posted on: 15-Aug-2020
  • zoubidasagefemm

    Good communicator, but iam still to see if the work done will yield the results

    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • nathanthewonder

    Amazing as always. Have been using desingro for close to a year for various tasks. Always delivers and has brilliant communication. HIghly recommended

    Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
  • owahidul_dev

    Professional and diligent editor. Very good at what he does.

    Posted on: 05-Aug-2020
  • bahariart

    So amazing. Just so incredibly impressed with his work and processes. I will absolutely use him again and have recommended him to all my friends.

    Posted on: 04-Aug-2020
  • tannmitchell07

    Great work, moved my website without any issues. Did what was asked and didn't need any further guidance. Would hire again for sure.

    Posted on: 03-Aug-2020
  • mr_citationsno1

    This seller is super helpful - highly recommended

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • shahidmehmoo708

    Wonderful work

    Posted on: 29-Jul-2020
  • nandorj78

    Very fast delivery and reactive to the revisions.

    Posted on: 28-Jul-2020
  • gasb_moh

    Great service

    Posted on: 27-Jul-2020
  • syotako23

    Thank you

    Posted on: 19-Jul-2020
  • life_coach_anna

    Very good editing skill as usual doing perfect video as I expect.

    Posted on: 18-Jul-2020
  • ashanmax

    Merci à vous pour ce très bon travail

    Posted on: 18-Jul-2020
  • hemant_1998

    Excellent work, The seller was well equipped with the tools to achieve our needs and was very responsive and fast.

    Posted on: 16-Jul-2020
  • samkhalid461

    Very good work. If I ever need an intro or outro again I will be coming to ahmcreations! Highly recommended.

    Posted on: 15-Jul-2020
  • kamgraphics

    good skills!

    Posted on: 14-Jul-2020
  • mdjihadulislam


    Posted on: 13-Jul-2020
  • tomijs

    Thank you.

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • introvertikal

    He was quick and great to work with.

    Posted on: 10-Jul-2020
  • gerczfreelancer

    Sharleencein know her stuff, she is well rounded in her work. I am pleased with my formulation. She explained why she use certain products . Thank you, i appreciate it very much.

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • dejvdejv

    Great! Fast delivery and understanding.

    Posted on: 01-Jul-2020
  • abidhossain92

    Seller is Experienced at building construction methods and Its a wonderful service. Really Great!! Thanks a lot.

    Posted on: 30-Jun-2020
  • vazor222

    This was great. Thanks so much! The analysis will definitely help me improve my book.

    Posted on: 28-Jun-2020
  • sagarsaurya918

    fantastic service as always

    Posted on: 27-Jun-2020
  • lawyerup

    It is always a pleasure to work with him!

    Posted on: 25-Jun-2020
  • hasanansar

    Amazing service!!! Thank you so very much for your help!!!

    Posted on: 19-Jun-2020
  • thenique

    Overall Good Experience. Will most likely be repeating business as I get more products

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • eugeniannu

    Very nice to work with!

    Posted on: 18-Jun-2020
  • khaledmansou274

    Amazing guy to work with! Very efficient, good communication. I will definitely work with him again and recommend him to everyone!

    Posted on: 17-Jun-2020
  • mouadx5

    Great professional service. Was amazing.

    Posted on: 17-Jun-2020
  • michxlleedits

    wordpress fix, went out of his way to fix a goodle console report! fast work and.professional.

    Posted on: 16-Jun-2020
  • seo_services30

    He was a good seller very straight to the point, and was very accurate on what I expected out of this.

    Posted on: 15-Jun-2020
  • peters696

    Great guy, and very helpful, if you need Wordpress/DigitalOcean related things he is the guy to do it. Will always come back to him if I have things to fix.

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • epic_genius

    The seller had great communication, but lacks the knowledge and the English level required to provide professional grade technical document.

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • abdullah849

    Very slight communication challenges but we got there eventually. Great, responsive service. Seller happy to make numerous revisions to the work until we finally got to something I was happy with. As a bonus, she designed two versions of the banner I asked for but only charged for one.

    Posted on: 09-Jun-2020
  • dishantlohan

    He is the absolute greatest individual I have ever worked with. He got me my app before the end deadline and was helpful and responsive through the entire process. Will work in the future with him and would 100% recommend to anyone in search of an app developer!

    Posted on: 09-Jun-2020
  • miftau_sales

    Thanks!! Appreciate all the help

    Posted on: 08-Jun-2020
  • digitaledienste

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 03-Jun-2020
  • engrimrankh

    Oh my god these are perfect thank you so much!!!!

    Posted on: 02-Jun-2020
  • shahadatp

    Amazing at logo designs very good at communicating and keeping you updated happy to change the designs to suit your needs over all very happy great guy to work with highly recommended to anyone

    Posted on: 01-Jun-2020
  • nuremy01


    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • amsonu99

    Outstanding Experience!

    Posted on: 30-May-2020
  • shahzaib534

    I had a very specific vision in mind and seller continued to edit and fix until I was in love with the results!

    Posted on: 28-May-2020
  • asfiqur

    Perfekte Arbeit, danke Greg20. Endlich habe ich eine funktionierende und durchdachte Google Ads Kampagne. Das Erklärvideo zum Setting hilft mir sehr und ist mit >17Minuten inklusive Hinweisen und Verbesserungsvorschlägen zur Landigpage mehr als ich erwartet hatte. Ich kann Greg20 mit bestem Gewissen weiterempfehlen.

    Posted on: 28-May-2020
  • eyecatchgfx

    Good communication, fast response, neat delivery

    Posted on: 25-May-2020
  • alikhalid23

    Excellent. Will definitely buy again

    Posted on: 21-May-2020
  • fayas11y

    They worked very fast. They were also very interested in making sure they delivered what exactly we wanted and were really nice. Thank you so much.

    Posted on: 19-May-2020
  • thefoxxninja

    i like it, thanks

    Posted on: 17-May-2020
  • ngithiri

    Fast delivery and good communication! Would use again, especially for USA landsacape, nature photography

    Posted on: 16-May-2020
  • tom_marvin

    Great communication and great result!

    Posted on: 16-May-2020
  • joanneisabella

    Excellent - very clear and consise!

    Posted on: 15-May-2020
  • madhuka

    Got everything I wanted, very concise and easy communication. The text in German is very well written (I am able to understand but don't have enough of writing/speaking skills).

    Posted on: 14-May-2020
  • auroraspalace

    Excellent !!!

    Posted on: 09-May-2020
  • zohaibhassan36

    Very good job, Thank you!

    Posted on: 07-May-2020
  • amzilhamza

    I love it! Great communication! Easy form to fill out my requirements and even added a film clapperboard to my intro! Looks incredible, thank you so much! Definitely recommend!

    Posted on: 04-May-2020
  • themachinists

    Nikki is very helpful and delivered what I asked for. Thanks

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • profmathswriter

    Great job, very helpful and always there when needed help to solve issues. Highly recommend to engage him for any job that is he capable of doing.

    Posted on: 01-May-2020
  • rockonshajib

    This gig is so unique and creative. I’m looking forward to when I can use adnanspear again.

    Posted on: 27-Apr-2020
  • angelsunayana

    Good job on the revision.

    Posted on: 26-Apr-2020
  • sallypectrah

    Very good Photoshop skills

    Posted on: 25-Apr-2020
  • otisubakasax

    Timely and revised as requested, much thanks! :)

    Posted on: 25-Apr-2020
  • easybuyrpc

    Very fast, kind, and unstanding! Only took about 2 or 3 days. The first sketch was sent to me within 5 hours of placing the order. I'd highly recommend everyone to hit up this amazing gig! Thank you, T! I loved the artwork almost too much!

    Posted on: 25-Apr-2020
  • aammadullah

    amazing work

    Posted on: 23-Apr-2020
  • mdomor288

    totally worth the price

    Posted on: 20-Apr-2020
  • graphicpusher

    Everything was as we agreed, he even helped me and delivered final product without me delivering all the dimensions. I recommend definitely and would use his help again.

    Posted on: 16-Apr-2020
  • freelesko

    Best friend!!

    Posted on: 11-Apr-2020
  • christaskye

    amazing job, amazing speed...I couldn´t ask for me. Thanks a million

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • johangarcia23

    Terrific work. Very pleased

    Posted on: 08-Apr-2020
  • kumara_design

    Very fast and easy to work with.

    Posted on: 07-Apr-2020
  • angelhis

    Very helpful land clear! Would highly Recommend

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • john_mickel

    Amazing seller! Highly recommended

    Posted on: 01-Apr-2020
  • raad184

    Great communication and delivered on a high quality level!

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • dm_arif

    taught me a lot about maps, learned a lot and progressed my gameplay by a ton

    Posted on: 29-Mar-2020
  • faluloon

    Excellent communication and high quality finished rendering. Very easy to work with and would absolutely work with again.

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • bhattiast007

    Great and very creative results- from now on we will work on a more frequently base together. Looking forward to it.

    Posted on: 26-Mar-2020
  • faizaanwar974

    Great work again, looking forward to working on new projects together in the future.

    Posted on: 26-Mar-2020
  • sami_malik221

    Great communication experience with the seller. Willing to go the extra mile however i didn't get the result i was looking for in terms of context and getting the message accross

    Posted on: 25-Mar-2020
  • monalisa_03

    Great Voice, great work. Thx

    Posted on: 22-Mar-2020
  • jaawaadz

    Super job! Just what we asked for and malancherian is always easy to work with!

    Posted on: 21-Mar-2020
  • divineserenityx

    great dude absolutely awesome design, good communication

    Posted on: 16-Mar-2020
  • gilpap

    Great work once again

    Posted on: 15-Mar-2020
  • travelermax

    Very easy, he made adjustments where needed and was quick with the work

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2020
  • jeelajoli

    Always professional and produces incredible work!

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • hermanyt

    good again thanks

    Posted on: 08-Mar-2020
  • backgroundremv

    Yes am feeling that will dinfently work . I can use that .

    Posted on: 05-Mar-2020
  • waqasjaffar114

    Thrilled at the recent great work completed. Excellent detail and updates, looking forward to using this work.

    Posted on: 01-Mar-2020
  • omniprosper

    Great work. She created great posts and organically grew our following from 0.

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • haxhir

    Very quick turnaround and great communication.

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
  • erelen

    Very fast and great results!

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
  • amnamukhtar951

    The gig is spoiled. It looks as simple cheap. The analytiс show terrible statistics . Dissapointed

    Posted on: 16-Feb-2020
  • neelforweb

    Nice logo

    Posted on: 16-Feb-2020
  • schtain

    Great job

    Posted on: 10-Feb-2020
  • mshahzad902

    awsome job.

    Posted on: 10-Feb-2020
  • amritasharma176

    Great communication and excellent work! exceeded expectations and made things better than i originally planned! very good at his work! will be doing more work in the future! =D

    Posted on: 10-Feb-2020
  • usama_goraya_6

    Good Service

    Posted on: 10-Feb-2020
  • xfaddy

    The work done by Amir was fantastic and extremely precise according to all the requirements and also better than what I asked for. He exceeded my expectations and will always hire him for any of my gigs. Definitely recommend

    Posted on: 06-Feb-2020
  • ntayshabbasi

    great work

    Posted on: 05-Feb-2020
  • auehsi

    Another good job, totally recommended

    Posted on: 02-Feb-2020
  • robustseo

    The work has been done and fast. I needed a long time to decide between different artists but didn’t regret this decision on this boy.

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • kassak7358

    Very fast and professional. A great expert in Wordpress. Highly recommend him to get the job done perfectly.

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • zakialf

    Great job, once again! My go to designer when I need help.

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • chhatish

    Awesome work yet again! Love it!

    Posted on: 28-Jan-2020
  • futurepocket

    ‏professional and talented guy,

    Posted on: 20-Jan-2020
  • ankitnegi395

    Thank you so much Aan! So helpful, communicative, and nice to work with every step of the way. Great work too!

    Posted on: 20-Jan-2020
  • webhulk

    Great work and fast

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • seemgraph

    Amazing work by Shenon.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • mashuka_meem

    Fast and professional work. A great partner. Anytime again with pleasure.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • smbari

    Thank you so much Man, i ll contact you soon!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • nora_komis

    Amazing work and super fast delivery! Thank you!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • aasmaryam

    Sharleencein know her stuff, she is well rounded in her work. I am pleased with my formulation. She explained why she use certain products . Thank you, i appreciate it very much.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • nimrazahid589

    Quick delivery very satisfied

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • freedo21

    Easy to communicate and work with!!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • jack_kumwt

    Outstanding experience from this seller, fast than expected

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • aturservise

    Good experience to work with him

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • ankitjais344

    Excellent and great value for money.

    Posted on: 18-Jan-2020
  • zeeshanayyub

    Superb communication and perfect work in the perfect timeframe

    Posted on: 18-Jan-2020
  • sohailasghar7

    I definitely would recommend, thought, I would suggest to give Sahar freedom to express herself and not to make her work under strict guidelines. Even to acquire ready designs.

    Posted on: 17-Jan-2020
  • carolinapoena

    Once again DigitalWizGuy have delivered above and beyond my expectations. He listened and executed exactly what I asked its way better than I can imagine. He’s very knowledge and can give great tips and ideas how to make things even better. The communication was great throughout the process he’s easy to contact and reply back right away. If you happen to come across DigitalWizGuy profile and he offers the gig you’re looking for look no further because he’s the answer to your problems. Don’t hesitate to hire this guy if you looking for top notch service, great communication, and more value than you paid for. I said this before and I will say it again DigitalWizGuy is the best.

    Posted on: 17-Jan-2020
  • graphicdiz

    As usual quick service, any time! any hour! Thanks

    Posted on: 13-Jan-2020
  • wordpresspro4u

    Jeleisa has constantly proven to be a great worker. I will be using her service again.

    Posted on: 12-Jan-2020
  • web_master85

    Professional and honest seller. work done ahead of schedule and above my expectations. I will contact him again for future work. I will always rely on him for any problem. recommend to everyone

    Posted on: 10-Jan-2020
  • therealpower

    Very good work. Created exactly what I had envisioned for the character. Thank you!

    Posted on: 09-Jan-2020
  • studiosicko

    great seller

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • denzong_films

    Excellent work, quick and good communication.

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • otisubakasax

    Good as always! Lucas is easy to work with.

    Posted on: 07-Jan-2020
  • contentbull

    Thank you!

    Posted on: 04-Jan-2020
  • ch_tajammul

    This seller is from my experience the best website solution provider in the world and definitely here on Taskhelper. I have worked with him on previous project with great satisfaction and my current project was even a great joy with fantastic results. If you are looking for someone who is professional and passionate about customer satisfaction, this is the man for you. Respect to him for an amazing work!

    Posted on: 30-Dec-2019
  • yacinehe554

    3rd Job with the seller and he was great.

    Posted on: 29-Dec-2019
  • lovelas

    Perfect and in time

    Posted on: 28-Dec-2019
  • bmarsh3003

    This time the job took longer than my first time working with seller, there were some issues on my site and I would appreciate if I received more communication even if I have to wait longer.

    Posted on: 27-Dec-2019
  • iamnihal

    I really like the creativity he came up with for my adding a beat onto my meditation music track. Thanks so much! Very satisfied and excited to use this track for my narration.

    Posted on: 24-Dec-2019
  • nathaliapinero

    Outstanding work as usual, will continue using this seller, who always makes sure the job is done well and meets the expectations!

    Posted on: 21-Dec-2019
  • waqasit

    Seller was able to take my ideas and create exactly what I was looking for. I am very pleased. Would definitely recommend!

    Posted on: 21-Dec-2019
  • farwaabidi

    Used Bots and spammed link on multiple Non-English facebook groups. Low Quality Seller with no special talents.

    Posted on: 21-Dec-2019
  • noahaaaa

    As always the seller was very responsive during the process and very fast competing the Gig. I was very pleased with the job completed by the seller and will use again.

    Posted on: 20-Dec-2019
  • dianeayres

    Wie immer sehr freundliche und schnelle & klare Kommunikation.

    Posted on: 18-Dec-2019
  • academicmaestro

    Great communication.

    Posted on: 16-Dec-2019
  • ahmad097

    Great job

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