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I will edit your videos in DaVinci Resolve.

Job Reviews
  • hadi_shair

    Great work as always!

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • floreacoaching

    Great service, great coder - well commented and very flexible. Well written code too.

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • alek_crawford

    Fast and professional

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • tanvirmollah

    TOP shopify Expert great service at great prices

    Posted on: 21-Oct-2020
  • vijayrajavat123

    Good communication, happy with the end result

    Posted on: 20-Oct-2020
  • jennyk

    The best spokesperson, I appreciate her and hope all the best to her

    Posted on: 17-Oct-2020
  • aleallopez

    Hamzair is an extremely meticulous worker

    Posted on: 15-Oct-2020
  • rokibulislam015

    Hamza is amazing! His effort and attention to detail is incredible. Highly recommend working with him!

    Posted on: 13-Oct-2020
  • aadilhasn

    Very good job und much more speed

    Posted on: 12-Oct-2020
  • fredericblanc

    The communication, service, and creativity were outstanding. Highly Recommended.

    Posted on: 11-Oct-2020
  • zee_developer

    Wonderful promotion. Thank you so much. Recommended!

    Posted on: 10-Oct-2020
  • agrodolce113

    a very cooperative person, and bug-free work

    Posted on: 09-Oct-2020
  • rana922

    Very professional and willing to listen. he worked with me night and day until it was exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend him for your next product.

    Posted on: 04-Oct-2020
  • manjayroy

    Amazing work!!!! Helped with my issues and was very easy to understand. I will use him again for next projects!

    Posted on: 04-Oct-2020
  • robyn_towe

    really fast delivery and good work!

    Posted on: 02-Oct-2020
  • builtup_ayon

    Amazing artist with friendly customer services

    Posted on: 02-Oct-2020
  • nafisa_ghouse

    Very professional, very good designer with great communication skills. Highly recommended

    Posted on: 02-Oct-2020
  • heitorcarvalh0

    great service. as always, had to do some revisions and worked very well with me through the whole process. great seller

    Posted on: 01-Oct-2020
  • adamkaushik

    Super fast response and did exactly as advertised and sooner than expected. Would absolutely recommend her services to anyone needing an overlay.

    Posted on: 29-Sep-2020
  • design_lena

    Good communication, was on time and got everything that I asked for!

    Posted on: 28-Sep-2020
  • aadiguru

    Very Professional will Buy Again

    Posted on: 27-Sep-2020
  • emraan732

    he is very good

    Posted on: 20-Sep-2020
  • essaymaestros

    Timely, Profeasional, High Quality.

    Posted on: 17-Sep-2020
  • michel_media

    ggreat service

    Posted on: 16-Sep-2020
  • leonardosells

    very easy to work with... excellent communicator and high quality work in express time.. I highly recommend hiring him:). such a joy!:)

    Posted on: 14-Sep-2020
  • taoistfortunete


    Posted on: 13-Sep-2020
  • masumsharif_mss

    Great to work with, responded promptly to design notes and provided exact files needed.

    Posted on: 11-Sep-2020
  • realaccountant

    Very good performing, and she delivered really prompt! Thanks much!

    Posted on: 10-Sep-2020
  • aashu1703

    Exact deliverable that I was hoping for!

    Posted on: 10-Sep-2020
  • kokolieh

    Fast and great service. Thx

    Posted on: 03-Sep-2020
  • saanlk

    Good communication and experience working with Ryan

    Posted on: 30-Aug-2020
  • usamamalik817

    Perfect as always

    Posted on: 29-Aug-2020
  • tabasherarif

    Professional and delivered on time.

    Posted on: 28-Aug-2020
  • only5dollars

    Great picture got exactly what i envisioned!

    Posted on: 27-Aug-2020
  • rezanovyantarar

    The seller was amazing, polite, very kind and helpful, the best one i have seen so far.

    Posted on: 26-Aug-2020
  • animatorann

    World class output! My payment of $35 did not go to waste! I will deal with him again! God bless and keep up the work!

    Posted on: 25-Aug-2020
  • ognjenognjeni

    not what I was expecting. Need setup that isn't straight forward. Unable to properly test. Better instructions should be provided with order.

    Posted on: 24-Aug-2020
  • tubaanwar11

    Top seller 4 excellent experience

    Posted on: 22-Aug-2020
  • awais_chohan

    Excellent work - a really fantastic job with proofreading and making notes for my documents. Would highly recommend and will definitely use again in future!

    Posted on: 22-Aug-2020
  • ytlogo

    The communication was excellent. I will see how the ranking is with google. I will be using him again in the next couple of days to finish off other work. He explains everything and doesn't use apps that can damage the website. Thank You and see you in a couple of days.

    Posted on: 22-Aug-2020
  • design_guys

    Easy to work with and fast delivery

    Posted on: 21-Aug-2020
  • joshuamcgowan

    looks amazing

    Posted on: 17-Aug-2020
  • dayyan292002

    It's always a pleasure to work with Kaytee. She did an excellent job in updating a client website hero slider.

    Posted on: 16-Aug-2020
  • muqaddasmaqsood

    This was my second order with her and it exceeded my expectations: good communication, very helpful and already seeing results!

    Posted on: 15-Aug-2020
  • cominedt

    Spot on with the correct interpretation!

    Posted on: 15-Aug-2020
  • nordeb1234

    Truth is, ordering something like this is a gamble. Sometimes the designer gets your vision, sometimes they don't. In this case, our visions did not match.

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • mehmoodriaz0987

    Great experience.

    Posted on: 14-Aug-2020
  • malafaya9

    Seller does great work!!!

    Posted on: 12-Aug-2020
  • qasoftwaretest

    It was so good, and he put forth the effort to make it amazing, even over the holiday! 11/10 stars, would use again

    Posted on: 10-Aug-2020
  • shahidali6

    Thanks! Great work as usual

    Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
  • archanaverma25d

    Excellent gig. Will use again. Thanks for your assistance and advice.

    Posted on: 05-Aug-2020
  • rizwanvilgax

    Does what he says he will do

    Posted on: 03-Aug-2020
  • unite2000

    great work

    Posted on: 01-Aug-2020
  • kdofficial_yt

    Excellent work and very fast. Great communicator.

    Posted on: 30-Jul-2020
  • ardimagic

    Great work, thank you!

    Posted on: 26-Jul-2020
  • genzelradio

    perfect, great experience with arthur ! thanks

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2020
  • bhatiravi3

    Very helpful and am very pleased with the results.

    Posted on: 22-Jul-2020
  • wpfreelanzer

    Product photography

    Posted on: 22-Jul-2020
  • teknought

    Exactly as described and quick delivery! Second video package we have purchased and we’re very happy with both transactions. Highly recommended

    Posted on: 17-Jul-2020
  • anton_purits

    Delivered in less than 12 hours.

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • music16

    Really complete work ! I made as much revisions on the document to be sure this one was 100% orignial and yes it is !

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • victorjongmusic

    thank you very much

    Posted on: 07-Jul-2020
  • blastistext

    This is perfect. I also great full fir this delivery.

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • mubashers266

    Ottimo Lavoro e nei tempi stabiliti

    Posted on: 06-Jul-2020
  • dustcomposer

    Great job! He timely delivered a well-researched and engaging article following the structure requested. Highly recommend

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • rashed_pabna

    Always the best work! Amazing service. And is a very kind, well intentioned person. Treat him well!

    Posted on: 04-Jul-2020
  • morganj01

    I will recommend him for everyone who needs contracts drew up

    Posted on: 03-Jul-2020
  • meganvirona

    I am impressed of Umer's professioanlity! He is the best! Definitely i will work with him again in the near future!

    Posted on: 02-Jul-2020
  • thepromoexpert

    Best designer on Taskhelper

    Posted on: 02-Jul-2020
  • jazzymgagic

    Another excellent job done

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • av121360

    Again, the best and fastest one here

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2020
  • mahmudulhasanwd

    Kristijan was super professional & prompt! I just needed some simple but professional & clean acoustic guitar & he delivered! Very pleased!!!

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • mdjakir373725

    Great writer.

    Posted on: 21-Jun-2020
  • mwalekalenga

    He completed work in 24 days

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • diggy04

    great job!

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • akasu_rahman

    A rare professionalism. An understanding and a work of very good quality. Good value for money, I recommend.

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • cahyowasono

    I asked for an edit on a simple selfie and they actually came through with more then one edit and one had art incorporated. They were very friendly and sure know how to edit pictures.

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • semtxz

    Greta experience

    Posted on: 12-Jun-2020
  • illusory_angel

    very good I am pleased, she went out of her way and gave me a very good serves. Thank you so much

    Posted on: 10-Jun-2020
  • hasib0

    I waited a whole month to work with this seller. All I can say is perfect for what I wanted. Thank you so very much

    Posted on: 10-Jun-2020
  • hylothisisallie

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden :)

    Posted on: 07-Jun-2020
  • rubykey

    Honest and ethical in practice!! Will order more

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • reltringham22

    Great experience with pop art.

    Posted on: 04-Jun-2020
  • tonyhabib

    A high quality paper at reasonable price

    Posted on: 03-Jun-2020
  • graphicsmastr

    For the price, the final product can't be beat. My artist was very understanding and willing to do redesigns given my initial communication failings. Would highly recommend as a top tier designer in this price point.

    Posted on: 31-May-2020
  • murtazahassan08

    some communication difficulty on his end but still did the job

    Posted on: 28-May-2020
  • harithlakmith

    Great service with quick results!

    Posted on: 21-May-2020
  • mdzobair1997

    Great Experience

    Posted on: 19-May-2020
  • bleronh

    Wonderful to work with. Very professional and great designer. Quick turnaround and always very polite.

    Posted on: 18-May-2020
  • bolhar

    Excellent work! The seller went over and beyond my expectations. Very quick and responsive. More than enough patience and did much more above the scope of service. Highly recommend if you want a quality book, formatting, kindle and adobe design. You will definitely get more than your money's worth. Deserve 10 stars!!

    Posted on: 18-May-2020
  • drveg932

    He worked very hard to make sure it was full compatibility between iOS and Android for my ReactNative project.

    Posted on: 15-May-2020
  • seoqueen33

    Great Communication and Service and quick delivery.

    Posted on: 14-May-2020
  • ohidurbappy

    Always a pleasure to work with this guy!!!

    Posted on: 12-May-2020
  • alejandro250

    Easy communication, quick delivery, simple project done right. What more can you ask for. Thank you Kennyhcw!

    Posted on: 12-May-2020
  • alpha_gd

    Love working with this seller! The communication is always great and everything is done on time! I would highly recommend! Thanks again!

    Posted on: 11-May-2020
  • aijaz678000

    Vigrachandra is definitely one of the best at mascot service. He was always in communication. Grasped the concept very easily and presented it quite clear. Made adjustments as needed in a very good time. And he also delivered ahead of time. Definitely using him again

    Posted on: 07-May-2020
  • sabeenz_writes

    Excellent work. Will repeat.

    Posted on: 05-May-2020
  • johanholmqvist

    thank you very much

    Posted on: 05-May-2020
  • masum1313

    Good comunication and very hard working! I like the final result very much! Would recommend!

    Posted on: 04-May-2020
  • elidelro

    A pleasure to work with as always. Highly recommended.

    Posted on: 03-May-2020
  • partner_dave

    Phenomenal! Delivered on time and perfectly.

    Posted on: 30-Apr-2020
  • jahidul2358

    Communicative, fast replies, flexible, efficient, sense of humor, dedication, creativity and sensibility for what your work may demand. These were some of the traits that were easy to spot on this seller. Aside, you can expect an AWESOME result for your gig!

    Posted on: 29-Apr-2020
  • pisaca

    Taskhelper best seller' AMazing experience :)

    Posted on: 29-Apr-2020
  • vezmar09

    Seller have good backlinks for rank, highly recommended

    Posted on: 28-Apr-2020
  • skmehedihasan

    Pleasure to work with

    Posted on: 24-Apr-2020
  • zaheerbabri

    Great service. Professional, polite, very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend. Thank you so much again for everything.

    Posted on: 23-Apr-2020
  • tunjeje_design

    Always great work

    Posted on: 22-Apr-2020
  • raheemlyrics

    good work am happy

    Posted on: 21-Apr-2020
  • maceyhill

    Good working again

    Posted on: 21-Apr-2020
  • worklab

    Good SPSS. The Statistician did a great Job. He is well informed on how to analyse data and engaging to ensure he deliver high quality order.

    Posted on: 21-Apr-2020
  • superb_dancer

    Good work!

    Posted on: 19-Apr-2020
  • darknessartist

    Thank you

    Posted on: 18-Apr-2020
  • alepart

    Great job

    Posted on: 17-Apr-2020
  • beatricecornejo

    I'm really happy about the job and how perfect the delivery was, the seller is one of the best around. Thanks

    Posted on: 15-Apr-2020
  • melvinmusanta

    Great Seller to collaborate with, with fast replies and very flexible to work on making changes until perfect outcome achieved. Will definitely be using services again in the future

    Posted on: 15-Apr-2020
  • michaelg1156

    Iggy was great to work with. My project was a bit different from his usual ones but he was happy to accommodate and work with me. The final story he delivered was very interesting and well written. Would definitely work with Iggy again.

    Posted on: 15-Apr-2020
  • zeduarte

    Just what I thought and beyond.

    Posted on: 13-Apr-2020
  • em_designs

    Marina really understands marketing and provided me with exactly what I asked for.

    Posted on: 13-Apr-2020
  • musicis1stlove

    The logo i wanted was beautiful, high quality and exactly what i asked for. The seller is very patient and kind. Would recommend and would buy again if need.

    Posted on: 12-Apr-2020
  • rshinault

    Thank you very much

    Posted on: 12-Apr-2020
  • marythom202

    Great work, would recomend!

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2020
  • babykitty6489

    great communication and good delivery

    Posted on: 08-Apr-2020
  • shalupatel

    We approached the seller with instructions (shown 3 samples and 1 picture) before committing to the order as we are seeking specific design work. Seller said he/she can do it no problem so we proceeded with the order but it didn't pan out the way we wanted. When we asked for a revision with photo and other design samples, he/she claims they don't understand our instructions.

    Posted on: 05-Apr-2020
  • jmt911

    Excellent Job!

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • andybonhelsing

    Awesome to work with. Very good communicator. Made my vision come to life. Speedy delivery She is very talented. Exceeded expecations

    Posted on: 03-Apr-2020
  • akshay_sihag

    always helpful, quick and great standards.

    Posted on: 31-Mar-2020
  • nattoben

    great animator

    Posted on: 27-Mar-2020
  • eyecatchgfx

    Great seller and communication!

    Posted on: 25-Mar-2020
  • zohra_yasmeen

    I really appreciate it my experience with Mohammad! He is a really nice and trustworthy person and he does very good work efficiently. Will definitely come back to him in the future :)!!

    Posted on: 16-Mar-2020
  • stray27

    Delivered as instructed..

    Posted on: 15-Mar-2020
  • umcararealista

    Prabhat did a very good job on my joomla site and fixed all problems to full satisfaction! He is also willing to go that extra mile to make the result perfect! I can strongly recommend Prabhat and his work! Will definatly order again!

    Posted on: 14-Mar-2020
  • asad_gujjar

    Very nice Seller. Good communication, fast delivery & stunning quality.

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2020
  • karinasimonian

    pjangid is an excellent and thoughtful seller in addition to a great copywriter. She worked with me to understand my exact requirements with clarity and delivered on time. I would highly recommend her for your content writing needs. I will be back!

    Posted on: 12-Mar-2020
  • boss666

    The problem was solved fast. Communication with smooth. After the problem was solved I insisted on understanding the solution and the seller was friendly, helpful and managed to make me understand the way the problem was solved despite my lack of understanding of coding :-). I can highly recommend to work with this seller.

    Posted on: 11-Mar-2020
  • wingchong

    Just... Wow... couldn't have put form to my vision any more perfectly, highly recommend and look forward to working with again, Thank you so much

    Posted on: 09-Mar-2020
  • nimrazahid589

    Youre amazing! This is so beautiful and definitely made me wanna cry! My animals are everything and losing my cat was the worst but now i can have an amazing piece of art with me forever! I appreciate this so much!

    Posted on: 08-Mar-2020
  • mg_dhanushka

    Prompt delivery as described. I will work with again.

    Posted on: 06-Mar-2020
  • ataraxia_media

    Arko is the absolute best in the business!

    Posted on: 02-Mar-2020
  • giditrips

    Super fast

    Posted on: 29-Feb-2020
  • jaggerking

    delivered quickly and exactly as described!

    Posted on: 28-Feb-2020
  • nitsan_tech

    Muy receptivo y colaborador. Un trabajo de excelente calidad y entrega en tiempo. Seguiré trabajando con el en el futuro. Lo recomiendo ampliamente

    Posted on: 24-Feb-2020
  • rezaul009

    Great work. I have a very difficult client and they worked hard to make sure that all requirements are satisfied. Very professional and knows their stuff. I will use again.

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • cedric_ch

    Worked well with us and designed it to specs! Thanks.

    Posted on: 23-Feb-2020
  • shivstarr8

    Great promotion and timely delivery as result is effective.

    Posted on: 22-Feb-2020
  • iqbalrazon

    great work, exactly as required

    Posted on: 22-Feb-2020
  • fatimaliaquat23

    Prompt service.

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
  • junctionninja

    Great Job!

    Posted on: 20-Feb-2020
  • adawood002

    Fast delivery and perfect work.

    Posted on: 18-Feb-2020
  • the_aptwriter

    Good work ..I am happy

    Posted on: 16-Feb-2020
  • evanjob

    Designea_bd is amazing! They were so patient with me for my first order on Taskhelper. I was so confused to the design process and was quite vague in the beginning, over time my order even changed. Designea_bd was so kind with me and listened to each request. They applied details to my design that really made it unique in my eyes. They are amazing!

    Posted on: 09-Feb-2020
  • digizay

    Outstanding work!

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • dorshoval

    good work, recommended

    Posted on: 04-Feb-2020
  • nfalro

    Excellent communication... Anwar created a unique solution to our problem and finished the job quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend his services, and we hope to work with Anwar again in the future.

    Posted on: 03-Feb-2020
  • shihabhasan

    Always excellent work from Omar. Fully understands requirements and just gets on with it. no messing around. has done many jobs for us and we continue to use this very genuine seller.

    Posted on: 02-Feb-2020
  • sarryli

    great job as always

    Posted on: 02-Feb-2020
  • ekin0x_

    i believe this is the best work ive had done on Taskhelper! PHENOMENAL work my friend! 10/10 will commission for more work!

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • areebashahid17

    Great job working with seller

    Posted on: 30-Jan-2020
  • besta12

    Thanks for the job well done you will be my google ads guy

    Posted on: 29-Jan-2020
  • luckymaillard

    It was what I wanted, I also think that his GIG will make my business development much easier.

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • blast_gig

    Excellent Communication, seller conducted a thorough analysis of my website. I will be doing business with her again!

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • vital_analysis

    Excellent work as always. Exceeds expectations. Thank you once again!

    Posted on: 27-Jan-2020
  • marmarmin

    Always fast and awesome. Thanks Fernando!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • tejgeorge

    great job.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • sameersukhija

    Excellent work!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • walkerdx

    very professional and talented.

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • tutuwa

    Wow! Amazing! I am sure, I will be bring more projects to Michael. He truly brings his passion when creating training manuals!

    Posted on: 16-Jan-2020
  • graphicsdelight

    Great work

    Posted on: 14-Jan-2020
  • vnasilva

    The seller is really impatient. Ended up approving something, after receiving 7 messages form seller, just to get him quiet.

    Posted on: 14-Jan-2020
  • spnemanja

    thank you! I wish you would've changed the color of the oval but it works.

    Posted on: 11-Jan-2020
  • wahpresentation

    The best Tax experts I have ever met. She went far above my expectation. I have decided to engage her for all my tax issues for my three businesses.

    Posted on: 11-Jan-2020
  • cgoodall11

    very good work , highly impressed

    Posted on: 09-Jan-2020
  • saffian786

    Ordered again from seller.

    Posted on: 09-Jan-2020
  • talhaimtiaz362

    Happy with the turnaround.

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • antonioportugal

    This seller does amazing work!! We will definitely continue to use them. Outstanding service!

    Posted on: 08-Jan-2020
  • sudhadaisy

    Incredible problem solving, and able to translate my needs into working solutions that make practical development sense (as well as timeliness of deliveries). As a non-developer, I am extremely grateful seller can interpret requirements that I as a client am unable to articulate well.

    Posted on: 05-Jan-2020
  • davidmaticu

    The seller is very skillful and he delivered the work very quickly.

    Posted on: 04-Jan-2020
  • brandonflash649

    I have received the best design. Looking forward to work with him again.

    Posted on: 04-Jan-2020
  • mikefordaze

    It was really good. Warmvoice put a lot of work into his job. I totally recommend and for sure will work in future.

    Posted on: 31-Dec-2019
  • danee15

    I would definitely use Saloo again. He formatted my book properly which saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Thankyou very much.

    Posted on: 29-Dec-2019
  • mian_shoaib

    The seller was good. He quickly made adjustments as requested.

    Posted on: 28-Dec-2019
  • opheliawilde

    Great delivery

    Posted on: 28-Dec-2019
  • marthaexpert2

    She is the best for getting your work done!

    Posted on: 25-Dec-2019
  • piotrszady

    Very easy to work with. Design came out excellent. I will use him again for more box designs. He is really quick

    Posted on: 23-Dec-2019
  • nativechina

    Awesome results! Technically very knowledgeable and of course good communication as well!

    Posted on: 21-Dec-2019
  • florahwritess

    Great work

    Posted on: 19-Dec-2019
  • saiefalemon

    Awesome and talented. Will involve him in more projects.

    Posted on: 19-Dec-2019
  • lerroyart

    Simon is always very professional and quick

    Posted on: 19-Dec-2019
  • noihas

    Great communication, expert in his field. Well done.

    Posted on: 18-Dec-2019
  • najehlme

    Great product and fast delivery

    Posted on: 18-Dec-2019
  • brooklynsrichie

    ok but can improve

    Posted on: 17-Dec-2019
  • slashingstudio

    Did a great job creating a custom promotional video! Performed 3 different revisions within 48 hours. Delivered the video earlier than expected!

    Posted on: 17-Dec-2019
  • fernanpascual

    Great work

    Posted on: 15-Dec-2019
  • shopifywriter

    He is a pro player and got the service done fast within just 3 days got me from bronze to conqueror very pleased with the service and will definitely use again! you should contact him he is very genuine and hard working!!

    Posted on: 14-Dec-2019
  • gam3s2freak

    This is my fifth time using him and I wouldn't even think about using anyone else. Every order he has done for me has gone above and beyond my expectations! He is just superb!!!

    Posted on: 14-Dec-2019
  • sondossaa

    Great work

    Posted on: 12-Dec-2019
  • kilelrono

    They did everything as described.

    Posted on: 11-Dec-2019
  • umcararealista

    A bunch of clicks bot not a single email retrieved or sale. Quality of traffic is extremely poor. A lot lower than industry benchmarks.

    Posted on: 08-Dec-2019
  • musaumichael

    Artist is fast, and communicates great. Made quick revisions to order when asked. Great service :D

    Posted on: 07-Dec-2019
  • ntayshabbasi

    Professional, friendly, writes great articles on various topics, follows advice.

    Posted on: 07-Dec-2019
  • expert_khan070

    I really like the creativity of the designs. The work was finished in an extremely timely manner. Communication was clear and simple. Excellent experience!

    Posted on: 06-Dec-2019
  • creative_stuff

    very good !

    Posted on: 06-Dec-2019
  • cutevamp

    Luke delivered fantastic results.

    Posted on: 06-Dec-2019
  • chanukakanishka

    The seller did not meet my expectations at the beginning. However, it works very customer-oriented and did managed my expectations after all. Inspired party!

    Posted on: 05-Dec-2019
  • usamashahzad951

    asked all the right questions and was very quick to right my song

    Posted on: 04-Dec-2019
  • danbudnyj

    Great communication and made fast changes

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