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  • Carmike Cole Square 3

    Excellent attention, his ability to teach and communicate is great

    Posted on: 22-Jun-2020
  • abdulmannan27

    Great job...

    Posted on: 30-May-2020
  • Chelsea Theater


    Posted on: 04-May-2020
  • Oaks Theater

    Thanks Vitusian for a job well done. I love your professionalism and your readiness to work. I will recommend him. He did the job as I wanted.

    Posted on: 08-Feb-2020
  • prodesignseller

    Always timely & great creativity!

    Posted on: 05-Dec-2019
  • The New McCree Theatre

    Excellent job! Thank you. I will be back with more orders

    Posted on: 05-Nov-2019
  • Cinemark Theaters - 20850

    I gave him a hard time but they got my vision! Thank you so much!

    Posted on: 13-Mar-2019
  • Cinemark Theaters - 57106

    Thank again. Well done.

    Posted on: 01-Feb-2019
  • redwan_d

    Giovanni's "Try Me Out" service is fantastic and I will certainly be looking to hire him again for more thorough genealogy research.

    Posted on: 23-Jan-2019
  • pritika

    Very professional store style!

    Posted on: 04-Dec-2018
  • ribuwa

    Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

    Posted on: 03-Dec-2018
  • 59 E 59 Theaters

    Professional, high quality, funny, I don't know what else to say... Other than this has been my best experience on Taskhelper so far and anibaf is a genius :)

    Posted on: 13-Nov-2018
  • truwest

    Absolutely love imdarker's work and changes were made as requested when needed. Buy from them, you won't be disappointed in the work.

    Posted on: 08-Oct-2018
  • rashidali1986

    Fully satisfied this is a repeat order to which i added the extra revision on to it. Very fast response and delivery time.

    Posted on: 01-Oct-2018
  • nicmowll

    Did an awesome job will continue to work with this seller in the future.

    Posted on: 20-Jun-2018
  • mdridipu

    Always a pleasure. Bought this for a friend who is dealing with a lot and she is maintaining.

    Posted on: 20-May-2018
  • By Jo Theatre

    Perfect Work

    Posted on: 03-May-2018
  • Saca Kota Theater

    Great work! I really like the way he follow my requirements. Excellent delivery and wish to get back again. Recommended!

    Posted on: 22-Jan-2018