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User's Reviews
  • masumsharif_mss

    Awesome artwork. very talented. gave me exactly what i imagined but better.

    Posted on: 08-Oct-2020
  • boimeningkat

    Exceeded expectations, great performance, recording and creative input

    Posted on: 13-Jun-2020
  • AMC Theaters - 45013

    Awesome seller!

    Posted on: 19-Oct-2019
  • iusedtoskate

    Great nice

    Posted on: 10-Oct-2019
  • shuja8haider

    He not banner designer, as a result, he did not deliver what have asked.

    Posted on: 25-Sep-2019
  • sharks_seo

    awesome illustrator with great communication

    Posted on: 21-Sep-2019
  • AMC Theaters - 47201

    Man thanks for your help much appreciated

    Posted on: 15-Sep-2019
  • Grand 16

    Communication was on point

    Posted on: 29-Jun-2019
  • Wafford Theater

    the quality of the work ahmed does is exceptional and quick they are great to be used in VR or renders :D

    Posted on: 09-Apr-2019
  • patcool

    Timely, was able to get the tone and feel fairly close. I'm sure if I paid more and had asked for more revisions we could have gotten it perfect. Unfortunately, we were on a time crunch, but fortunately, Richard was very prompt!

    Posted on: 21-Mar-2019
  • Page Mesa Theatre

    We are super delighted to have met, choose and worked with this expert. His timing, communication and attention to details will keep us coming back. We are now working on our second projects together.

    Posted on: 20-Jan-2019
  • nicmowll

    Great job!

    Posted on: 05-Aug-2018
  • razaulkarim463

    good designer

    Posted on: 05-Aug-2018
  • raheemlyrics

    Tidy as usual man

    Posted on: 15-Jul-2018
  • aasim1000

    Excellent job. I am very happy with this seller.

    Posted on: 23-Jun-2018
  • Lincoln Theatre - 04543

    More than what I expected. Very friendly communication and like the guidance & support that he gives , though it is not part of his project.

    Posted on: 02-May-2018
  • kellygellard

    Excellent work! Thank you very much!

    Posted on: 22-Apr-2018
  • Cinemark Theaters - 43533

    Awesome work!

    Posted on: 26-Jan-2018