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  • Movie Mania

    Thank you so much! I like it! :)) Nice blog.

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2020
  • quick_master

    nice service

    Posted on: 12-Jul-2020
  • redwan_d

    This was my first Taskhelper experience and boy was it a good one. Communication was outstanding considering the artists location and I never felt as though I was just another customer. Very personable and eager to work with me to create the best finished product. I am unbelievably happy and will most definitely be a return customer!

    Posted on: 08-Jul-2020
  • joshuababs

    One of the best ASMRtists on Taskhelper!

    Posted on: 14-Jun-2020
  • Wafford Theater

    Excellent camera and baking skills!

    Posted on: 19-Jan-2020
  • collbygraphics

    He did exactly what i asked for. so what else to say ? you can jump blind into it.

    Posted on: 10-Jan-2020
  • iusedtoskate

    Thanks for the quick response. Quick delivery.

    Posted on: 17-Nov-2019
  • Landmark Theaters - Chez Artiste Theatre

    Everything ok

    Posted on: 06-Oct-2019
  • artifexweb

    Cal does great work and I will continue to support him. I invite you to check his gigs, you'll be happy that you did. Thanks again!

    Posted on: 02-Oct-2019
  • konoikon

    Great to work with Milos and will work together again!

    Posted on: 06-Sep-2019
  • tehtaoffical

    Outstanding experience!!!

    Posted on: 18-Aug-2019
  • pritika

    Delivered on time and gave more questions

    Posted on: 24-Jul-2019
  • husna_saleem

    Thanks for the work!

    Posted on: 25-May-2019
  • Roanoke Childrens Theatre

    super excited. very good!

    Posted on: 04-May-2019
  • imran_viki

    Moeez worked quickly and effectively to design the header for my website using the custom CSS needed for it to behave the way I imagined. Communication was excellent and he did everything I asked in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend Moeez!

    Posted on: 14-Mar-2019
  • Foxes Theatre - 39702

    Amazing as always! About to start our next project with Ahmad.

    Posted on: 07-Feb-2019
  • dhelfman

    great stuff

    Posted on: 21-Dec-2018
  • Lyric Theater - 50213

    Just incredible. Great work!!!

    Posted on: 02-Oct-2018
  • majoralma

    Very good seller! Thank you

    Posted on: 03-Jul-2018
  • Chelsea Theater

    Great, the seller was ver responded. He has great knowledge about statistics and will help u in every way. I definitly recommend him, it's worth the money!

    Posted on: 06-Jun-2018
  • Lascaux Micro-Theater

    Great service!!

    Posted on: 02-Apr-2018
  • artifexweb

    Good communication and great Brass sections. Will buy again:)

    Posted on: 28-Mar-2018
  • miraclesofts

    I was very impressed with the quick delivery and the quality of the work. They were able to answer all of my questions regarding the project. I will definitely use their services again. Thank you !!

    Posted on: 05-Feb-2018